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May 14-16, 2024

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Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) are integral parts of business management with a cross-functional focus ranging from finance through IT, sales & marketing to operations. S&OP is a comprehensive process that lies at the core of a successful supply chain management. This course presents tools to empower businesses and IT organizations to effectively implement Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) or Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

Your personal benefit

You will learn…

  • how S&OP/IBP projects normally starts, what are the preparations required, who are the participants, criteria for evaluating the success factors in each project phase, and how to continuously improve supply chain processes for future targets.
  • more about practical, industry-specific S&OP/IBP project examples (e.g. from Consumer Packed Manufacturing).
  • best practices in terms of implementation strategy and techniques in the context of supply chain planning.
  • how to incorporate trends that are linked to S&OP/IBP into your supply chain management, i.e. Connecting S&OP with Finance, Sustainability, AI in Supply Chain & Risk-Awareness Planning

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Project Preparation & Timeline – Scoping, Best Practices


IT Implementation & Solutions


Roll-out or Continuous Improvement


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Peter Sarkocy

Rodrigo Villanueva

Rodrigo Jr. has many years of experience in supply chain planning. He knows IBP like no other and enriches the Digital Supply Chain team with his extensive experience. His focus is on the pharmaceutical, life sciences and consumer goods industries.


Matthias Payer

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May 14-16, 2024 in Vienna, Austria

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