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Curious about the Future of Workforce Management?

Effective staff planning is pivotal for the success of any organization. Having the right people in the right place at the right time is one of the basic prerequisites for operational efficiency. Staff planning is instrumental in optimizing workloads, improving productivity, and aligning workforce resources with business objectives. The planning, however, must consider certain internal & external dynamics.

Is your organization confronted with changing personal capacities? Join this webinar to find out more about strategies for digital staff planning and get to know our SAP add-on to to streamline workforce management, eliminating inefficiencies and enhance overall operational productivity.


Introduction to conPEP: Uncover the key features and benefits of our advanced Staff Planning Tool.

Live Demo: Witness conPEP in action with a hands-on, real-time demonstration of its intuitive interface and powerful functionalities.

Integration Insights: Learn how conPEP seamlessly integrates with your existing SAP systems, optimizing your workforce management effortlessly.

Customer Reference: Learn how Stratec SE transformed their integrated planning with conOS and conPEP.

Q&A Session: Have your questions answered by our expert team and gain valuable insights into maximizing conPEP’s potential for your organization.

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Peter Sarkocy

Selen Marangozoglu

Peter Sarkocy

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Peter Sarkocy

Peter Bauch

Stratec SE

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