Baseledger Governance Council

Concircle Deutschland GmbH is proud to be one of the founding members of the Baseledger Council! 

The L2 blockchain for baselining

It is governed by the Baseledger Governance Council which is formed by recognized companies from the Enterprise Blockchain space. The Baseledger Governance Council is set to grow constantly with an ever-broader set of parties to be included. A written contract signed by all council members guarantees their consent on the overall rules and conditions — ensuring they work for the long-term benefit of the Baseledger Ecosystem.
The decision for this structure has happened in communication between Unibright and German Regulators, for example, to ensure that the UBT token model is properly applied, future proof and compliant.

The tasks for the council members governing Baseledger include assessing, negotiating and voting on the governance rules, running nodes, appointing other parties to run nodes and representing the Baseledger network. The council members work on adjusting the overall rules and conditions of the network if necessary, work jointly on the core software (along with the public source community), manage network pricing, drive customer on-boarding, and work on a flexible path to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Adrienn Leier

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