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conOS - Operation Scheduling powered by S/4 Hana

We take your interactive planning to a new level. We know the existing possibilities of interactive SAP production planning, such as the PPDS planning boards or the old ERP planning boards inside out and implement them continuously. But our claim is more: With conOS, an SAP add-on, we demonstrate the power of the latest SAP technologies:

Short- and medium-term planning is highly dependent on changes in production progress, goods movements, incoming customer orders and machine conditions. With conOS, such events are immediately included in the planning. This turns interactive planning into a control station or simply a monitor for the shopfloor.

Smart rules support flexible actions on the planning board. This allows you to determine how planning should react to production progress: Let's assume, for example, that a workstation has completed the process faster than planned. Now you can create a model that shows this information immediately in the planning and that allows you to start the subsequent processes on the same workstation earlier.

The standard version runs on S/4 Hana 1909. However, it is even possible with restrictions to use conOS with earlier SAP releases. In addition, we have planned to use conOS in a simple version as a module for SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution, the standard MES solution of SAP) and to process information (progress, machine data) from SAP ME.

Please contact us for further information, a demo or a test environment:

Florian Gstir

Product Manager conOS

+43 676 9261542


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conLABOR Operation time collection package for SAP ME and SAP MII

The conLABOR package is a SAP MII-based add-on that complements and enhances the SAP ME time collection concept and demonstrates a complete solution in the area of accurate production time collection, calculation and ERP confirmation.This add-on package can also be implemented stand alone for SAP MII based MES solutions.


  • Precise and advanced operating and machine time calculation
  • Ergonomic, efficient and automated time tracking based on POD activities (Production Operator Dashboard)
  • Coverage of multi-operator case (working simultaneously on one job, e.g. assembly)
  • Coverage of multiple resources case (simultaneous operation of different resources by one operator such as engraving or laser machine)
  • Coverage of multiple parts case (one or more operators working simultaneously on multiple parts, e.g. oven, punching, etc.)
  • Recording the reasons of downtime
  • Plan / Actual times comparison with limit (value) monitoring and release cockpit
  • Flexible time and / or quantity confirmation messages to SAP PP (Optional)
  • Automatic machine time collection in case of machine connection
  • Automatic time confirmation in case of operator logout on the POD (optional)
  • Full support of rework and non-conformance processes
  • Complete data basis for analysis, KPIs and reporting


  • Automatic time collection without additional activities by the operator (such as recording or splitting the times manually)
  • Very precise time calculation algorithm based on the exact time periods between activities
  • Accurate calculation and confirmation of time activities (setup time, machine time, labor time, etc.)
  • Automatic deduction of breaks and unproductive times
  • Automatic split of times in case of multiple resources or parts
  • Multiplier in case of multiple operators
  • Separate Confirmation for different operators
  • Release process by supervisor in case of plan / actual deviations
  • Integrated supervisor dashboard
  • 100% transparency and traceability through XML based confirmation messages
  • Separate or integrated time and yield confirmation (if the ERP time report is not required and operating times are only to be recorded at MES level)
  • Full functionality of all features also in case of machine connection
  • Productivity metrics and reporting per workstation, workspace, machine, etc.
  • Evaluation of unproductive times with exact causes
  • Very fast implementation in SAP ME and SAP MII based MES systems

Technical requirements:

  • SAP ME or/and SAP MII
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conMOBILE Mobile processes for SAP ERP

conMOBILE is a framework based on SAP ABAP which facilitates the handling of workflows or simple notification dialogs with modern HTML UI5 technology. Fields of application may be found in the area of workflow management, HR management or warehouse management.


  • Optimized for mobile workflow management
  • System-wide selection and processing of SAP workflow items
  • Extensive customizing of frontend and backend components
  • BAdI implementation for customer-specific enhancements
  • Flexible web interface, dynamically generated from ABAP code
  • UI design based on jQuery Mobile Framework (HTML5)
  • Entirely integrated with conFLOW


  • Direct link to standard SAP transpot systems
  • Modern ABAP class system
  • Direct synchronous backend registration without additional middleware
  • Buffering to bridge offline times (data backup in case of disconnection)
  • Browser independency
  • Scaleability to various resolutions
  • Single sign-on
  • Simple implementation and quick ROI

Technical requirements:

  • SAP Workflow (and conFLOW as optional addition)
  • Intranet access via smartphone (network or VPN connection)
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conFLOW The simplest way to map workflows

conFLOW enables users to easily map complex workflows by means of customizing, without SAP Workflow Know-How. As many workflows as needed can be defined; based on these workflow definitions, the workflow process can be determined. By integration of conMOBILE V1.3 and SAP Fiori, every single workflow step can be shown.


  • Definition of workflows by means of customizing and ABAP programming
  • Specification of all relevant approval steps
  • Control over workflow steps (e.g. email transmission)
  • Definition of user status
  • Customer-specific enhancement by means of BAdI


  • Customizing by experts of the department
  • Use of standard workflow transactions / tools
  • Notification via dynamic HTML mails
  • Integration into conMOBILE V1.3
  • Reduced processing time of a workflow project
  • Central administration - clear visualization of all active workflows
  • Compliance with audit protocol requirements
  • Reduction of errors and maintenance efforts
  • Automatic and ad hoc reporting

Technical requirements:

  • SAP Workflow
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conFIGURE The universal tool for configurations

Based on the SAP ERP configurator, conFIGURE enables the comfortable and individual configuration of products. By using conFIGURE, configuration fields (e.g. quality, colour) can be entered when registering sales orders. Based on respective dependencies, further configuration details may be entered.


  • Application of SAP ERP variant configuration
  • Flexible classification of attributes
  • Online visualization of the current BRF+ set of rules


  • Extension to SAP standard functions
  • Fast entry of characteristics
  • Integration of cost accounting and logistics
  • Rapid and simple solution implementation
  • Flexible and easily understandable variant configuration

Technical requirements:

  • SAP ERP - SD with VC and BRF+
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conSHIFT Convenient SAP UI5 Shift Management on SAP ERP

conSHIFT constitutes an SAP UI5 web tool for the capacity planning of all work stations which allows for the simultaneous mass maintenance of up to 50 capacities. Shift notes can be added to every single day.

conSHIFT is the ideal solution for SAP users who regularly manage shifts for a great number of capacities, no matter which industry.


  • Simultaneous online SAP UI5 shift data management of several SAP ERP capacities
  • Visualization of available capacities (maintenance orders, utilization factors and shifts)
  • Definition of existing shift programs or models for a specific selection
  • Storage of selection profils in Z tables on a user level
  • Comment functionality for adjustments
  • Direct deployment on the SAP ERP ABAP stack
  • Web service/BSP interface to SAP ERP
  • Roles and activities for SAP user authorizations
  • Storage of comments in standard SAP ERP shift note tables


  • User-friendly and intuitive SAP UI5/HTML5 web user interface
  • Reduced complexity and time expenditure for shift management
  • Storage of frequently used selection profiles
  • Minimal training efforts
  • No additional licences required

Technical requirements:

  • Connection with SOAMANAGERS
  • Delivery of conSHIFT with internal SAP UI5 library - allows to use conSHIFT with older systems or systems without preinstalled SAP UI5 repository
  • Terminal device support for the SAP UI5 framework
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conDP The flexible Tool for Sales Planning & Allocation in SAP ERP

conDP is a flexible planning tool and an add-in to ERP, and thus provides opportunities for the advanced planning of sales quantities. conDP consists of two components: A modern and intuitive web user interface and an interface for SAP standard processes.


  • Planning table - Writing of data directly into personalized info structres
  • Manual loading of data into the planning table
  • Convenient filtering, consolidating, sorting and configuring
  • Storage of data
  • Version activation


  • Flexible planning tool as add-in to ERP - no APO required
  • Minimal training efforts
  • Based on logistics information system tables
  • Configurable application
  • Customizing of planning areas, characteristics, key figures ...

Technical requirements:

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conBDE SAP UI5 online BDE on SAP ERP

conBDE is an add-on to SAP ERP and via NetWeaver Gateway connected to SAP PP, PM and QM. Based on the SAP UI5 technology, conBDE runs on every HTML5-compatible device and, therefore, is the perfect solution to collect relevant production data.


  • Staff work time logging
  • Order and quality data recording
  • Recording of shift notes
  • Machine status and production backflush
  • Load carrier administration
  • Automatic scaling for mobile use
  • Extensive layout configuration


  • Data storage for every shift to allow for effectivity assessments of systems, individuals or groups of persons
  • Customer-specific development thanks to code transfer
  • Extensive support by arrangement

Technical requirements:

  • SAP ERP - PP implemented
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conMES Web MES based on SAP MII - Business Solution for Pulp&Paper and Textile

conMES constitutes a MES template which is based on SAP MII to allow for the fast development of MES systems. conMES offers a complete MES light system with standard interface to SAP ERP, and thus provides a ready-made solution for the Pulp&Paper and Textile industry. Generic functions such as the confirmation of orders may also be implemented in various other industries.


  • Handling of the entire production process (order and material management, batch tracking, label design, rejection management ...)
  • Interfaces to machines, Excel, QM systems, label printing software ...
  • Reporting with MS Reporting Services (batch tracking, OEE, individual reports etc.)
  • Parameter settings on a machine-material level (incl. versioning)
  • Recording of raw material usage, machine data and standstills
  • Shift management and messaging system
  • Manual or automatic interruption of the production process


  • Extensive features for mill industry included with delivery
  • Customizable user interfaces for the mapping of complex processes
  • Modular design - extensible interfaces to SAP ERP and external systems
  • Flexible reporting with SQL Reporting Services
  • Machine connection with diverse technologies (OPC, socket, ...)
  • Full operational capability in case of system failure thanks to an asynchronous system architecture

Technical requirements:

  • SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP MII 12.0 (or higher)
  • SQL Server 2008 (oder higher)
  • OPC Server for machine connection
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