How good are SAP DMC PODs and the new POD Designer?

2. July 2021

Picture 1. POD Run Time

In this post of our series on the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, we want to give you a first look at the new POD design today. The UI5 design gives the POD a modern look, which is especially noticeable in the buttons, which you can now customize even better.

The POD is configured with the user-friendly interface of the “POD Designer”, various lists and activities can be edited directly in the POD Designer. This is already one of the big advantages compared to the “POD Maintenance” in SAP ME, which does not allow combined editing of lists. Another advantage of the new designer is the possibility of a quick design preview.

Picture 2. POD Designer

The standard offer of SAP DMC regarding POD design is already quite promising as the example from our pilot factory shows. As a next step, we also want to evaluate which individual extensions are possible for “Custom PODs”.

Picture 3. List Column Editor

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