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New partnership of concircle and S1Seven

7. June 2021

General Purpose of the Partnership

concircle and S1Seven joined their forces to address the pending demand of the steel industry to move towards digital transformation. Together, they enable partners in the steel industry to automate the processing of mill test certificates. This collaboration allows the steel supply chain to share machine-readable data instead of today’s paper-based documents. In this way, products can be automatically checked against standards or specifications, and, most importantly in the future, sustainability attributes like the products’ carbon footprint will become traceable.


S1Seven GmbH is a software platform provider, focusing on data trustworthy solutions enabling Digital Quality Certificates. This is how companies in aerospace, automotive, rail tech, construction, and other industries can not only save time and money by replacing today’s paper-based documents with tamper-proof machine-readable records to use for smart manufacturing, to account sustainability attributes, or to automate the verification of a material and process provenance. Our technology is scalable, secure, and certified, providing companies in the steel, metal, and plastics industry with confidentiality and interoperability. Our clients are in all stages of the supply chain: from the raw material producers to the processor and up to OEMs and notified bodies.


concircle Österreich GmbH is a leading SAP consulting house for digitalization solutions specifically in the areas of mill and mining, supply chain management, and enterprise operations in Austria. concircle is a trusted partner with its unique, innovative, and robust products. It brings outstanding expertise in steel industries projects and has a long history especially cooperating with IBU Mill of SAP SE, with strong and focused experience in process harmonization, SAP implementation, and MES renewal projects.

Joining our forces for a digitized future

The partnership is the perfect blend between S1Seven’s technology innovations in securely and seamlessly sharing quality data for traceability, security, and automation purposes across the supply chain, with concircle’s longstanding SAP expertise.

Both companies bring their strong and extensive expertise to the table. Earlier this year, concircle entered into an important partnership with blockchain providers to build up the backbone of their blockchain as a service integration to SAP systems. This triggered an interest in cooperation with S1Seven, a technology provider specializing in blockchain for the industry of materials. As such, S1Seven’s solution is the perfect extension to concircle’s SAP Based conUBC (Unified Blockchain Connector) solution.

The result? Machine-readable quality certificates notarized on the blockchain, seamlessly integrated via conUBC, which ensures the easiest transition from and to SAP.

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