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Our toolbox for successful digitalization projects

Design Thinking

The sustainable effectiveness of IT systems is strongly influenced by the strategic orientation of the company as well as by technical and business management requirements. If new IT systems are implemented, information provision and transparency towards employees are required. The Design Thinking concept makes it possible to recognize IT potentials at an early stage and thus achieve increases in efficiency and effectiveness in production and service. In addition, customer-oriented solutions to complex problems are developed, thus reducing project and development risks.

Rapid UI Prototyping

With modern tools such as from SAP we can very quickly create prototypes for UI5 PDA applications. These are created directly with the end users. We then implement these mock-ups in short sprints and can achieve very short lead times. This approach increases the acceptance of the new solution in the organization many times over and avoids unpleasant consequences.

Business Process Modeling

Process Modeling is a key success factor to get a mutual understanding of the as-is and more important the to-be processes. This common understanding must be established between the business unit, IT and us as a service partner. For process definition, we use the BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) 2.0 standard. We use it for high-level modeling in the scoping phase and for detailed modeling during sprint specification work. This can be modeled with different tools, we like Cawemo ( as it is easy to use even for quick drafting during the workshop.

Agile Project Management

We really do. Fast success instead of 1000 pages of specifications. We think in User Stories, which are implemented in sprints. Business is constantly challenged to deliver acceptance criteria, requirement descriptions and test results. We have had very good experiences, especially in the SAP environment.

Modern Software Ergonomics / Mobility
Through cloud solutions, automated IT processes and end device-independent “responsive” web interfaces, companies can achieve significant competitive advantages over the competition. SAP accompanies this technological trend change and provides solutions such as the UI5 interface design, fast HANA databases for mass data evaluation and the Simplify Paradigm.

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