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Leveraging productivity potential through intelligent digitalization solutions

Our Digital Manufacturing division is comprised of digital manufacturing experts who are responsible for strategy consulting, design and implementation of our innovative manufacturing solutions. Several years of experience in the implementation of SAP based MES solutions, a very deep knowledge of the SAP manufacturing solution portfolio and above all the expertise in vertical integration and end-to-end solutions distinguish us. The Digital Manufacturing team is a competent partner for the optimal selection and implementation of suitable manufacturing solutions for your industry. Depending on customer requirements, industry and IT strategy, a digital manufacturing solution can be implemented using the appropriate SAP products. In addition to the SAP standard MES solutions, the Digital Manufacturing team has implemented our conMES platform at numerous well-known customers. conMES is a concircle specific MES template based on SAP for customized and industry-specific MES solutions in the process and mill industry.

Our team has a real passion for manufacturing and communicates directly with the workers and machine operators. A profound process know-how and sufficient industry experience help us to quickly understand the manufacturing processes and to model them in the most efficient way. At the same time, our profound ERP and machine integration know-how is an important prerequisite for offering optimal end-to-end solutions. Agile project planning also plays a major role in successful and efficient project implementation. The Pilot Factory of the Vienna University of Technology allows us to continuously develop our solutions and to present the state of the art to interested visitors from industry in a very realistic way.

There are two extensive Demo Processes to choose from

In the TU Vienna Pilot Factory for Industry 4.0, a completely paperless production was implemented with SAP ME, S4/HANA, conOS and IoT Connectivity. conMES is an MES platform for your SAP landscape for customized and industry-specific MES solutions. In particular, role-based manufacturing, as is common in industries such as metals, pulp&paper, synthetics or textiles, is optimally supported. Request a demo today, either virtually or on site in the Pilot Factory in Vienna!


Making manufacturing processes more efficient

  • Production control
  • Detailed planning, Sequencing and Dispatching
  • Quality Testing during production
  • Maintenance Integration
  • Intelligent Worker Guidance
  • Work instructions and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Machine setup and SOC (Standard Operating Condition)
  • IoT and Machine Integration
  • Process data collection and analysis
  • Reporting, Dashboarding und OEE


Digital Manufacturing Solutions

SAP Digital Manufacturing

concircle implements manufacturing solutions based on the current SAP product portfolio, both on-premise and in the private or public cloud. Based on these products, we are able to introduce modern, highly integrated digitalisation solutions with a fast ROI and high acceptance in production in all industries relevant to us.

S1Seven – Material Identity

S1Seven - Material IdentityS1Seven & concircle - Material Identityconcircle and S1Seven joined forces to drive ...


QPPD is an add-on in SAP R/3 and S4/HANA and supports the administration and maintenance of regulations, standards and other master data in the SAP logistics modules - 100% individual and highly flexible. When used in manufacturing companies such as steel, aluminium or metal processing, QPPD offers the advantage of minimising characteristics in classification/VC.


QEASY expands its SAP system in the area of quality management. With our integrative solution, we reduce and simplify the effort from inspection planning over inspection lot creation to sample generation and its inspection results recording. The complete QM process flow is simplified.


conUBC is an SAP-certified "out of the box" solution to connect your individual "Blockchain as a Service" process with SAP systems. It drives and enables the digitalization of processes and gives mobile access to critical or "fast-moving" processes.


conPIP handles the reception of the data, the desired data conversion, the forwarding to the partner, and the sender's feedback. All transmissions are logged, both in case of success and error. Data mapping can be configured, and standardized partner connections exist for common business cases.


conMES is an MES template based on SAP MII, especially for roll-based manufacturing (Pulp&Paper, Metal, Textile), which can be flexibly and quickly adapted to your individual requirements. conMES offers a complete MES light system with a standard interface to SAP ERP and thus represents a ready-to-use industry solution. Generic functions such as order confirmation can be used for various industries.


The conLABOR package is an SAP MII based add-on to complement and extend the store floor data collection concept of SAP ME and leaves nothing to be desired in the area of precise store floor data collection, time calculation, and ERP feedback. The add-on package can also be used independently for SAP MII based MES solutions.


conBDE is integrated as an add-on to SAP ERP via NetWeaver Gateway with SAP PP, PM, and QM modules. Based on SAP UI5 technology, conBDE runs on all HTML5-enabled devices, making it the perfect solution for capturing all relevant production data.

bloXmove – Mobility

bloXmove - Mobility Blockchain Platformconcircle & bloXmoveThe mobility blockchain platform bloXmove empowers ...

Baseline Protocol

conUBC ist eine SAP-zertifizierte "Out of the Box"-Lösung, um Ihren individuellen "Blockchain as a Service"-Prozess mit SAP-Systemen zu verbinden. Sie treibt und ermöglicht die Digitalisierung von Prozessen und gibt mobilen Zugriff auf kritische oder "schnelllebige" Prozesse.

Baseledger Governance Council

Baseledger Governance CouncilConcircle Deutschland GmbH is proud to be one of the founding members of the ...

Case Studies

Voestalpine Krems

Voestalpine Krems

voestalpine Krems

Longstanding partnership with AT&S

Longstanding partnership with AT&S


Process Reengineering in the Steel Industry

Process Reengineering in the Steel Industry

Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein

Integrated planning process with conOS at Zumtobel Group

Integrated planning process with conOS at Zumtobel Group

Zumtobel Group


Industry forum 2025: it was great!

Industry forum 2025: it was great!

Yesterday, the long-awaited Inustrieforum 2025 took place in Switzerland, where we were directly involved as both sponsors and exhibitors.

Conference ZHAW in Winterthur

Conference ZHAW in Winterthur

Conference "Perspectives with Industry 4.0 Synergies and Opportunities for the Circular Economy". The ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences invites you to the 5th conference "Perspectives with...


conUBC: new connectivity

conUBC: new connectivity

We are thrilled to reveal the new connectivity for our SAP Certified Product conUBC!
SAP DMC Integration into the IT Landscape

SAP DMC Integration into the IT Landscape

Yes! 🙌 We're back with our #concircledmcdiary! Today's topic is #integration of SAP #DMC into the IT landscape 💻 The first step in implementing the SAP Digital ...

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