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Seminar on digital production - Q1 2021 10.03.2020

Concircle Management Consulting GmbH and Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH are pleased to host the free event „Evolution steps towards digital production“, taking place in the pilot factory of the Vienna University of Technology. Main topics are lectures and case studies for planning, MES and analytics with emphasis on how to raise step by step the maturity level in these areas.

You can find the detailed agenda (in german) below – if you like to join, please contact Sabine Krickl

10.00 – 10.30 Key-Note (0,5 h)

  • The concept of maturity models
  • Why Fraunhofer and Concircle work together
  • Implementation principles (agile and classic approach)
  • Goal of this day

10.30 – 12.30 How to progress from Excel planning towards integrated planning solutions (2 h)

  • Lecture Fraunhofer
  • Case study presented by an industry customer
  • Coffee break
  • ConOS (SAP ERP addon for operation scheduling and slot planning) in action (meeting room)

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch break (1 h)

  • Meet the experts

13.30 – 14.30 Efficiency driven evolution in production execution (1 h)

  • Concircle lecture
  • Case study presented by Bühler AG (Amrit Khanna, Head Digital Supply Chain Management confirmed!)

14.30 – 15.30 Operator guidance and assistance systems  (1 h)

  • Lecture Fraunhofer
  • Trends in Analytics (Fraunhofer & Concircle)

15.30 – 15.45 Coffee break
15.45  - 17.00 Production execution & assistance systems  

  • Visit the pilot factory and see state of the art processes in action!
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Going crazy about our new office! 13.10.2020

Many companies plan to reduce their office spaces, concircle ist going into another direction. We believe that personal contact in an intimate, esthetical environment is a key cornerstone of successful teamwork. Home-office is from an ecological as well as social perspective a clever extension of this approach. Therefore, we are very glad that we can offer our employees as well as our partners and guests more than 800 sqm office space at the TwinTowers Vienna, creating a healthy, inspiring atmosphere.

A big „Thank you!“ to administration team lead Sabine Krickl for once again a professional and smooth relocation!

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Kraus & Naimer gains inspiration at the pilot factory 12.10.2020

Kraus & Naimer, leading producer of switch solutions located in Vienna, took the chance and gained insights at the pilot factory Vienna about latest IoT scenarios and machine data streaming. This inspiration lead to an fruitful discussion with the concircle consultants how future smart switches can help to realize condition monitoring or similar scenarios in the manufacturing industry.

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concircle and the role IT Consultant explained in the current TU career magazine 12.10.2020

MeinJOB, the professional and career magazine of the TU Vienna, offers interesting insights into exciting topics every semester. In the current issue, Annika and Farhang talk about their daily work at concircle on page 14 and provide insights into the profession of an IT consultant. You can find the e-paper here:

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concircle Team teaches at the University of Applied Sciences Krems 05.10.2020

Florian Gstir and Markus Pferscher will be allowed to share their comprehensive knowledge in the field of process design at the FH in Krems in the winter semester 2020/2021. We see this as the beginning of a long-term partnership with Dipl. Ing. Dr. techn. Deepak DHUNGANA, head of the Institute for Digitalization and Computer Science.


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concircle is partner of the SAP Digital Supply Chain Focus Weeks – Manufacturing 25.09.2020

Live Event: 06.10.2020

On October 6, 2020, fully integrated and highly automated paperless production will be the main topic of our #SAP Digital Supply Chain Focus Weeks. Our MES customer, plant manufacturer Bühler and access specialist dormakaba will show you how they digitalized their processes and the gains they achieved in terms of efficiency and flexibility. In addition, the latest pilot factory innovations in the area of „fully automated manufacturing cell“ and „human-robot collaboration“ are demonstrated.

Register now to ensure you don’t miss anything!

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conCHARITY 24.09.2020

In September the concircle Team cycles for COVID-19 aid. Every kilometer means 1 EUR, donations go to Médecins Sans Frontières. Let’s see how much we reached on September 30th!

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Congratulation to Anne-Kathrin Ameling for her master thesis by concircle 21.09.2020

The concircle team congratulates Anne-Kathrin Ameling for her great work in finishing her Master thesis in industrial engineering as the first candidate of Concircle Global Talent Program. With concircle, she realized in her master thesis a fully digitalized assembly process in the TU Wien Pilot Factory industry 4.0. She presented her master thesis to the entire concircle management team to successfully complete the Concircle Global Talent Program.

After completing this milestone, she will continue her career at concircle as a professional manufacturing consultant and an important team player in the team manufacturing.

The concircle Team wishes Anne-Kathrin all the best for the future  and looks forward to further cooperation.

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SAP ME Go Live in the TU Wien Pilotfactory Industry 4.0 21.09.2020

The second phase of the SAP ME implementation in the Austrian TU Wien pilot factory Industry 4.0 has just been completed.

From now on, the self-developed 3D printer of the Vienna University of Technology is installed in the factory assembly line, equipped with cutting-edge technologies. The entire product cycle, which is part of a complete logistical concept, is depicted from the customer order through planning to the production process on the shop floor in the system. Embedded in a homogeneous, multi-layer SAP IT landscape with completely horizontally and vertically integrated system levels, a continuous information flow is realised within and between the different system levels.

With additional innovative highlights such as:

  • IoT-platform and cloud connection
  • Planning of production order with conOS
  • Virtual Reality Glasses
  • Human-Robot Collaboration
  • AGV and robot connection
  • 3D simulations
  • Intelligent User Interfaces
  • Uninterrupted traceability and archiving of all back-tracing data
  • Prognosis and forecasting

the audience is given a unique insight into the entire production process from the direct point of view of the end user.


Digital Production Cell with SAP ME:

Digital Assembly with SAP ME:

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Congratulations to Amine on his degree in concircle 14.09.2020

The concircle team congratulates Amine Bouaziz for his Master degree in Software Engineering. Amine started his full-time career at concircle in February 2020 and was able to successfully complete his master thesis in parallel to his challenging daily work. Upon completion of this milestone, Amine will continue his career as a key team player in the manufacturing team. We wish Amine all the best and are looking forward to further cooperation.

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Florian Gstir talks about the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry 24.08.2020

The Austrian industry magazin „Factory“ made an interview with Florian in his role as speaker of the Austrian workgroup for manufacturing of the DSAG. Read here about the ongoing digitalization of the manufacturing industry and some controversal thoughts if SAP is supporting this transformation well enough (German only): Was braucht es für die Digitalisierung der Produktion?


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Aufzeichnung des Webinars zur digitale Produktion 28.05.2020

You have missed our webinar on the topic of "digital production" - here is a recording of it. Many thanks to all participants for the interesting inputs! We look forward to seeing you again at our seminar on 29 September 2020 in the pilot factory.

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SAP ME Go Live in Bühler AG 27.05.2020

On April 17th 2020, three and a half months after the start of the project, the first go live of the global MES template for Buehler AG took place successfully in the assembly area. With this go live Buehler AG took the first step towards 100% paperless production successfully. In this step, through the implementation of the SAP ME and Concircle conLABOR package, order execution and work preparation has been automated, 100% traceability in production has been realized and digital access to technical documents has been made possible. In addition, the current status of the customer orders can be visualized very transparently at any time on an intelligent user interface.
This step plays a key role in increasing the transparency, efficiency and agility of the Buhler production system. By using agile project management based on Scrum methodology and an optimal composition of the project team from many experienced experts on the Buehler and Concircle side, it was possible to realize the first sprint of the project in a record time of three and half months with the highest quality, which caused a big leap by the implementation of the global MES template. The second sprint of the project has already started with the same speed and is currently in the development phase.

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Webinar on digital production - 19.May 2020 22.04.2020

On May 19th from 8:30 to 9:30, we and Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH will be holding a webinar presenting a selection of current project reports in the field of planning and production execution in an interactive discussion round. The following topics will be covered:

  • Sequence planning in assembly in ERP
  • Scheduling as an uncomplicated express solution
  • Best-of advanced MES functions - combination of several projects

The webinar serves as an introduction to our seminar "Development Paths to Digital Production" on September 29th, which will further explain the individual steps to the finished implementations with the help of exciting presentations and interesting practical examples.

Registration for our webinar on May 19th, but also for the seminar in September can be made at



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We are looking for new team members! 06.03.2020

concircle continues to grow and offers two exciting new job opportunities - as Junior IT Consultant SCM or Senior IT Consultant MES to dive into the world of national and international industrial companies and implement interesting projects. Take the chance now and apply at concircle!

Junior IT Consultant SCM

Senior IT Consultant MES

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concircle becomes strategic MES partner for Bühler AG 28.01.2020

Bühler AG, the leading supplier for machinery in the food industry, has choosen concircle as strategic partner in the area of MES (manufacturing execution system). The global template based on SAP ME will cover not only the core order execution process, but will also digitize short term planning, quality assurancy and plant maintenance processes.

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conOS - Operation Scheduling 12.01.2020

We offer conOS to ERP and S/4 SAP customers. SAP customers on S/4, can profit from a better scheduler. Next to teh graphical planning we can plan also tables or mix both together. Especially usefull are wide screens or 2 monitors next to each other. In this example there are three monitors used by the planner.

#Feinplanung #detailledscheduling #Meistercockpit #Shiftplanning #welovefiori #gantt #expandyourhorizon

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concircle Global Talent Program 26.11.2019

What do you expect from life?

… waking up in the world's most livable city !

… doing work which has an impact !

… being part of an international team of experts !

… delivering smart solutions !

… raising industrial efficiency to reduce the ecological foodprint !

… making friends in famous coffee shops !


If you can agree with this, then

join the Global Talent Program of concircle.

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concircle intensifies Recruiting Cooperation with TU Vienna 25.11.2019

In addition to the successful cooperation with the TU Vienna in the area of the industry 4.0 pilot factory, the cooperation with the TU Career Center will now also be strengthened in the recruiting area. On 26.11.2019 concircle will hold a workshop on the topic "From TU graduate to entrepreneur" in the Böcklsaal of the TU Vienna within the framework of KARRIEREZEIT. We are looking forward to exciting discussions with TU students.

Here you can find the TU Vienna job profile catalogue:
Job profile catalogue

For further information the social media channels of KARRIEREZEIT are listed here:



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SAP ME Go Live in Austrian Pilot Factory Industry 4.0 18.10.2019

The first phase of the SAP ME implementation in the Austrian pilot factory Industrie 4.0 was completed on 04.10.2019 at the same time as the 10th anniversary celebration of Concircle Management Consulting GmbH. On this day, at the same time as the project Go Live, the project results and highlights were presented to the international guests and several Concircle coins were produced as a showcase product in the integrated process.

This project was started in July 2019 with the following goals and realized in three months through an agile implementation (from conception to go live):

1. 100% paperless production

2. Continuous data flow in horizontal and vertical planes

3. Digitization of automated and manual workstations

The project highlights can be summarized as follows

  • Vertically integrated, automated production
  • Integrated SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)
  • Controlling FTS (Driverless Transport System)
  • Production control by means of SAP ME
  • Automatic traceability
  • Automated CNC Program Management
  • Automated Tool Control
  • Quality inspection during production
  • Integration of Custom Reporting UIs
  • Simple and mobile KVP process
  • Very precise time recording and feedback
  • Use of the UI5 based Concircle Web-Shop
  • Integration of Smartwatch into EWM process

Further details about the project can be found here: Pilotfactory




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amaZone 2019 Award 15.10.2019

concircle applied for the amaZone Award (organized by sprungbrett) for the first time in 2019, because we are very concerned about gender equality and we try to inspire women for technical professions with targeted measures. Jacqueline, our apprentice for IT technology, is a great example of this and we are very happy that she is a member of our team! At the festive presentation of the amaZone Award on October 10th, we received our certificate accompanied by an interesting program.


Photo: Veranstaltungsfotos © Copyright Brigitte Gradwohl (sprungbrett)

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SAP Services 16.09.2019

"Making SAP more appealing."

With this in mind, Vienna University of Technology started a project which puts the existing SAP solutions for the processing of employee services on a new footing.

The Technical University has many years of experience with SAP Employee Self Services (ESS). However, this SAP standard does have its issues when it comes to user-friendliness and operating in the modern mobile world and has met with more and more opposition over the years.

For a few weeks now, hundreds of employees have been booking everything from their business trips and absences, maintenance notifications, outgoing invoices to SAP user services such as assistance or resetting passwords and user accounts. And all this with just a few clicks on the desktop or just a few touches on the smartphone. Moreover, the single sign-on ensures fast, barrier-free work.

From a technical point of view, conMOBILE creates attractive surfaces in the forefront. It provides modern HTML but the SAP developer works in ABAP. The SAP IT of the Technical University can therefore maintain and extend the web pages independently.

Workflows run in the background to process applications that have simply been modelled using conFLOW.

Martin Kolassa, the CFO of Vienna University of Technology, is enthusiastic about what has been implemented in such a short time: "All our 5,000 employees can process their outstanding tasks and applications with the new SAP services from anywhere, quickly and easily."

We are pleased to show how enjoyable SAP can be to work with!

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Implementation of conLABOR package for SAP ME und SAP MII 22.08.2019

In order to better meet the wishes and demands of the customers in the field of time collection and ERP confirmation, our Team Manufacturing has successfully designed, developed and implemented the SAP ME / MII add-on package called "conLABOR". It is intended to supplement and extend the operational data collection concept of SAP ME and leave nothing to be desired in the area of data collection, time calculation and ERP confirmation. This add-on package can also be implemented stand-alone for SAP MII-based MES solutions.

You can find more information at:


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concircle Photo-Collage 31.07.2019

Some snapshots of our colorful everyday life

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myhive summer party and farewell! 29.07.2019

Finally summer has arrived!

With fun photos, a few refreshing summer drinks and good food, we enjoyed the evening at the Hilton Garden Inn!

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our Indian colleague Darshan, who made a big contribution to the intercultural concircle team spirit!

We wish him all the best for the future!

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Vertical Integration in SAP Landscape from coffee machine to the Cloud 09.07.2019

As an extension of the show case and to realize application-oriented vertical integration, Team Manufacturing has taken up this challenge and connected the coffee machine to the SAP landscape with industrial hardware from B&R (control system family: X20). With this show case Team Manufacturing demonstrates not only a real machine integration scenario but also the application of SAP UI5 technology in interaction with SAP PCo and SAP MII. Here you can find the complete description of the project.


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Sappi Carmignano and Condino mill integration project 24.06.2019

After the acquisition of Cham Paper Group by Sappi the existing SAP ERP and SAP MII systems had to be integrated into the Sappi SAP landscape. As the global SAP S4 migration was ongoing in parallel, a tight schedule had to be fulfilled. A general requirement was that the MES processes should be changed as little as possible to avoid production disturbances. Together with the local plant IT and the global SAP competence center the processes where adopted to the Sappi standards, which implicated the use of SAP APO for block planning, a shift of the extensively used SAP VC logic towards fixed master data and the introduction of a lean SAP PP solution for production order handling as a basis for MES processes.The MES system was integrated to SAP EWM and a new label print process was established. In addition, new cutting and rework machines have been installed which led to MES process extensions. As a final project step the local trim optimization solution is replaced by an integrated SAP APO – Tieto TipsTrim approach.

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APO end of lifetime - Evaluation of alternatives 12.06.2019

SAP APO reaches its end of life. Many of the functions of APO can be found in S/4 Hana PP/DS, aATP and IBP. 

But there are more possibilities than that. E.g. the functionality of S/4 Hana PP has been growing and thus S/4 Hana PP/DS is again to be evaluated. Still there are very big gaps within these areas of S/4 Hana - like pegging which exists only in PP/DS. 

IBP is set in the cloud and a challenge when it comes to license costs and integration efforts for certain modules. But if you have a dedicated supply chain management you can make your end-users happy with user-friendly IT processes. 

We know APO inside out, we are testing new S/4 features several times a year and are executing many IBP projects. With little effort we can set-up a matrix of functions and create a basis for a roadmap decision. 

Contact us for a free talk about more details.

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AIESEC 05.04.2019

Diversity is a high priority at concircle - another step in this direction is the conclusion of a "Global Talent Partnership" with AIESEC. We hope to welcome an international trainee in September.


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Vertical integration with SAP – Senoplast go-live successfully done 15.02.2019

Beginning with this year we replaced at Senoplast, a plastics extrusion company of Klepsch Group based in Salzburg, the AS400 ERP solution and cusom developed shop floor solutions with SAP ERP and conMES, our SAP MII based MES system. The project was delivered with our partner Phoron, concircle implemented conFIGURE (rule based variant configuration solution), PP including a custom block planning solution, conMES and 7 Fiori Apps for the warehouse. Senoplast can no further expand it’s business relying on a fully integrated solution capable of dynamic routing and bill of material generation, machine connectivity enabling as is consumption booking and many more features which raise efficiency. A roll-out to China will follow in 2019.

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Football connects – concircle too! 19.11.2018

We at concircle are a fascinating international group. After work, we recharge our batteries with various activities - this time Mato & Co. at the country match Austria - Bosnia-Herzegovina. Thanks Stefan for the tickets!

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concircle starts a UI5 project for the ÖBB Postbus 10.10.2018

Our team has started the implementation of modern UI5 apps for the shop floor of ÖBB Postbus. The project represents a significant contribution to a modern SAP infrastructure of ÖBB. concircle was able to win the public tender due to many years of experience on the field of maintenance. SAP Fiori apps are useful when it comes to provide tailored information to the end-user with the main focus on intuitive handling. We are prepared to face some challenges when it comes down to connecting peripheral devices such as RFID-readers, Barcode-Readers, cameras etc. Thanks to our long-standing hardware partnership with Zebra Technologies, we are confident to provide the needed expertise.

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concircle becomes preferred partner for SAP ME in CEE 05.10.2018

concircle is now listed as preferred partner for SAP ME in CEE region and ranks among well-known companies such as Accenture, Capgemini or MHP.


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Team event: sailing at Neusiedler see 31.08.2018

Our Team has spent an unforgettable day at Neusiedler See at the end of August. During the first half of the day we enjoyed a sailing course at, followed by a culinary lunch and ice-cold drinks. Subsequently the team had the chance to show the newly learned skills in a regatta. The event was a lot of fun for everybody and gave us the chance to improve the harmony within the team once again.


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concircle kicks with SOS Children's Village 20.07.2018

Only with team spirit could concircle keep up with their fit godchildren from the SOS Children's Village. The young asylum seekers are all from Afghanistan and they are trying to make a fresh start in Austria. It is fascinating to see how they eagerly try to get into an educational path. One of them who made us look really old on the soccer field, proudly reported that he now comes to an upper-level secondary school after a year of intense preparation. With another Concircle godchild, we look forward to the completion of his first HTL year.

Thanks to the respect of the youth (the foul statistics showed a zero for SOS Children's Villages) and the strong first minutes of the game, concircle was narrowly defeated 11:9.

It was a great sports experience!

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concircle implementing SAP ME projects 13.07.2018

For several months our team has been working on highly complex MES solutions based on SAP ME. In conjunction with SAP MII and SAP ERP, the goal is to manage and optimize the company-wide production and manufacturing processes of our customers. We are currently conducting the blueprint phase with the world-famous Slovenian exhaust manufacturer Akrapovič. Furthermore, we are already planning the Go-Live of the SAP ME solution in a newly built plant at a well-known luminaire manufacturer.

Picture source:

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concircle at the S/4HANA Partner-Testing 22.06.2018

Concircle was once again invited to the yearly S/4HANA Partner-Testing in Walldorf and gained insights into the latest developments. Among other things, we could test new functionalities in the aATP (Advanced Available-to-Promise), AVC (Advanced Variant Configuration) and in DDMRP (Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning). The tested features will be available to customers from the next release (S/4HANA 1808).

Picture source:

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Company trip to Bratislava 23.04.2018

Our team visited the new Slovak branch office in Bratislava last week. We had an eventful day and a lot of fun during the boat trip, getting to know the new office building and having a fine lunch & afternoon beer. We also tried the adventurous Treasure Hunt in the beautiful old town of Bratislava. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with our Slovakian team.

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Getting to know the youth of our SOS Children's Village 20.04.2018

We recently had an exciting appointment: 5 teens from one SOS Children's Village visited us in the office. We were very happy about getting to know each other and we were able to give the boys an insight into our working environment. All of us enjoyed the movie night together and hope to see each other again soon.

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What's new in the world of SAP IBP? 09.04.2018

The event organized by SAP Hungary was a great success for our team. We have made valuable contacts within the SAP IBP development, support, and product management team as well as the world's top IBP consulting firms. We also managed to gather first-hand information on the future direction of IBP's product strategy.

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Our supply chain future with SAP has begun 26.03.2018

We have been restrained regarding S/4HANA and SAP IBP for several years. Now we are dealing with the implementation of business solutions on these components.

S/4HANA brings a boost to the consulting creativity. With little effort you can present PP/DS on S/4HANA with your own company data. Functions of the fashion industry -such as segmentation- can easily be combined with the solutions of the mill industry. This is made possible by the fact that all the ERP industry solutions on S/4HANA are only separated by a virtual switch. Also very promising are the investments of SAP in core areas, some of which are somewhat out-of-date. Such areas are for example the variant configuration, the availability check or the modern production execution Fiori UIs running on S/4HANA. The new business plattform is also noticeable when it comes to evaluating online problems in the procurement network.

With SAP IBP, an essential component of the planning process moves to the cloud and needs to be integrated via a sensitive interface, but it brings remarkable advantages such as the simple MS xls-surfaces and a steady increase in function in exchange.

*Image source:

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The current project map of concircle 23.03.2018

Our project map is constantly growing due to numerous international assignments. We have so far supported projects in the following countries on behalf of our customers: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, China, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and USA.

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concircle at the SAP IBP Partner Bootcamp Spring 2018 15.03.2018

concircle will join at the upcoming SAP IBP Partner Bootcamp Spring 2018 in Budapest. The agenda will be a mixture of foundation (configuration, activation, Excel UI), application topics (demand-, response-, and operational planning, alerts, cloud delivery, product support) and best practice implementations held by the corresponding engineering / operation teams and experts. We look forward to 3 exciting days full of relevant topics around the planning tool IBP.

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SAP ME Showcase 06.03.2018

Equipped with 10 years of MES project experience (based on SAP MII) and extensive SAP PP know-how, concircle initiates the international market entry in the field of SAP ME.

As a first initiative, we set up a complex showcase on our own SAP ME system using our 3D printer and MQTT, SAP PCo, SAP MII, SAP ME, SAP UI5 and SAP S4 / HANA technologies. The showcase simulates the fully automated, vertically integrated production with real-time monitoring and seamless integration through all affected SAP systems.

Thanks to the trends 'industrial IoT' and 'industry 4.0' the market demand is enormous: we are already working on our first concrete project inquiries.

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concircle goes international 14.02.2018

From now on, concircle is represented not only in the Austrian but also in the Slovak capital. In Bratislava we will set up our first foreign branch office with a team of English- and German-speaking employees who, together with the existing personnel, will realize innovative projects for existing and many new customers. We look forward to this new challenge and to the exciting new chapter in the history of concircle.

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concircle starts a new IBP project 07.02.2018

Always with our fingers on the pulse of the time, we will soon start a new supply chain management project in the field of sales planning using SAP IBP for Demand implementing statistical forecasts, lifecycle planning and simulation based on planning versions.

The SCM planning tool -developed on the basis of SAP HANA- brings together requirements from marketing, sales and production planning on one platform, is equipped with predictive functions, alerts and is also linked to Microsoft Excel. IBP also offers an up-to-date user interface with dashboards via the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

*Source of image:

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Knowledge transfer in daily office work 22.01.2018

Our technology working group meetings are one of the key platforms for knowledge sharing among colleagues. We regularly exchange information about the latest technological developments in and beyond the SAP world. Besides progress reports from ongoing projects, we recently covered topics such as SAP BOPF (Business Object Processing Framework), SAP Fiori 2.0, HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Gateway Soft-State, blockchain in practice, etc.

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Office Warming Christmas Party at concircle 15.12.2017

On 15 December, we officially inaugurated our new office and celebrated Christmas among our colleagues, families & business partners. It was certainly a highlight for us and a nice ending of the year at the same time. We look forward to even more experiences together in the upcoming year.

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concircle at the ZEBRA Salescamp & Christmas party 30.11.2017

concircle visited this year's Christmas event of ZEBRA Technologies Austria GmbH. We informed ourselves about the innovations in the product portfolio and the future product strategy of our hardware partner in the area of ​​labelling, traceability and printing technologies so that we can continue to provide our existing and future customers with competent advice.

We were also introduced to a new generation of enterprise applications that will digitally revolutionize traditional workflows by combining IoT end-point connectivity, configuration management, data transport, data storage, analytics and machine learning into a single platform, turning raw data from devices and sensors into actionable intelligence for the industry.


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A success story from voestalpine Steel & Service Center GmbH 14.12.2017

Our team has achieved great success recently: important developments in the production of the voestalpine Steel & Service Center GmbH have been taken over into live operation after a thorough preparations phase. The project team has been working on complex process changes on the field of sales planning & product allocation, order entry, production description, material disposition, the trim and MES process, delivery and quality certificates.

Going live with new implementations is always a challenging time, for both the client and us as consultants: it requires a lot of commitment, professionalism, technical know-how and in-depth understanding of the processes. We are proud of our team for accomplishing such an important milestone.

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concircle's recommendations for SAP Fiori 2.0 12.12.2017

We have been looking into the new functionalities of SAP Fiori 2.0 extensively and we have also gained valuable practical project experience with the new launchpad. The most important new features are the integrated notifications and some new SAP standard applications (overview pages, list reports and object pages), as well as other minor changes, such as the "merged header" or user profile photos.

When upgrading to Fiori 2.0 we recommend our clients following:     

  • readjusting the Blue Crystal custom themes with the UI Theme Designer,  
  • checking the functionality of the "merged header" in the custom apps,     
  • adapting the custom SAPUI5 controls to the new SAP Belize theme.

Image source:

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concircle at the IoT Forum 2017 28.11.2017

Our team attended the last IoT Forum in Vienna in order to inform ourselves about the most relevant news, standards and applications in the IoT-world. We listenned to lectures and panel discussions regarding

  • How to develop and implement the IoT strategy successfully - following the 4-step methodology
  • IoT - getting started with Arduino and RaspberryPi
  • Blockchain
  • ICS Security - top 10 threats & countermeasures
  • The Future of Smart Data Analytics
  • Where is the Firewall 2.0 - for Secure Industry 4.0.

We understand the need for building up our own in-depth know-how in the field of these pioneering technologies as we find ourselves confronted with each and every topic in our day-to-day business.

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Our breakout area is emerging 20.11.2017

We pay special attention to a creative and inspiring working environment in our new office, which gives us the opportunity to come up with new ideas, to learn from each other and to bundle our innovative power. Our management has designed and assembled a "creative wall" in the breakout area of ​​our office that can be filled with life by all concircle colleagues according to their own taste and preference, reflecting the versatility of our team. We are already keen on the idea

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A token of appreciation 17.11.2017

Our colleague, László, expected a small surprise in the office: after an intense and successful go-live phase at one of our major clients, the management has kept an old promise and given László a mobile steam sauna. The surprise was visibly successful, the whole team had a lot of fun during the handover & unpacking. :)

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Internet of Things in practice 16.11.2017

Our team has learned a lot about the latest IoT-technologies in a short time: we are currently experimenting with the direct connection of our 3D printer to our SAP system in order to be able to demonstrate Rapid Prototyping of production orders. The desire for innovation is unlimited at concircle.

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concircle at the TECONOMY Vienna Career Fair 08.11.2017

We had a very exciting and eventful day at the last TECONOMY career fair at the Technical University in Vienna: we were pleased with interesting encounters, numerous visitors, interested parties and applicants at our booth, motivating conversations about technology, industry, IT and training and a lot of fun on top. Our 3D printer was a thrilling eye-catcher for many visitors of the career fair.

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Voices of our new employees - Mátyás Sajtos 02.11.2017

At the beginning of October, we welcomed two new colleagues to our team: Kevin Tschirschke as a Junior SCM Consultant and Mátyás Sajtos as a Junior Software Developer. We are very happy that they have chosen concircle as their employer and that they have settled in so well after such a short time. We interviewed Kevin and Mátyás after their successful first month.

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concircle at the annual DSAG Congress 2017 27.09.2017

The largest and most important event of the German-speaking SAP user group, the 18th DSAG-Annual Congress took place in Bremen from 26.-28.09.2017. concircle was represented by Florian Gstir - spokesman of the working group 'Manufacturing Austria'. The event is an important platform for knowledge exchange for all SAP users and SAP stakeholders, with more than 50 different thematic sessions and an exhibition with about 175 partners, all relating to SAP-specific topics.

This year  the Congress focused on the transition to the digital world, the increasing challenges of business and IT and the role of enterprises in a networked world (IoT).

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concircle at the TECONOMY Vienna 2017 Career Fair 26.09.2017

We are looking forward to the participation of this year's TECONOMY Career Fair which will take place on the 8.11.2017 directly at the TU Vienna - University of Technology. The fair is aimed at students and graduates of technical and / or scientific studies, expects over 4,500 visitors and more than 90 exhibitor companies. We are hoping for an exciting day with many interesting encounters.

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A look back on the business year 2011 22.09.2017

What a find ... We came across an old concircle newsletter from 2011 and we have read about the milestones and successes with great enthusiasm since many of the mentioned project clients still belong to our satisfied clients. Then as now, the multi-faceted concircle team is  still very motivated to assist and advice our customers.

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concircle takes its own 3D printer into operation 11.09.2017

At concircle, we always like to learn new technologies and keep our fingers on the pulse of time. IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the cutting-edge developments that inspires us. With great interest and curiosity, we put our own 3D printer into operation this week. The fun factor in the office is guaranteed.

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concircle moves into new office space at Business Park Vienna 11.08.2017

Thanks to our generic growth, we have outgrown our old premises and have moved into our new office at the Vienna Business Park. We are very proud of our new working environment: the bright, spacious open-plan office concept, our own lounge area and the beautiful view of Vienna.

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LEGO Mindstorms - concircle demonstrates team spirit & programming skills 13.07.2017

On 12 July, the LEGO Mindstorms team event took place. Besides process understanding and programming skills, team spirit was meant to be demonstrated. In small groups a vehicle had to be conceptualized consisting of lego bricks and various sensors, which were then programmed. By means of colour, light and motion sensors, multiple obstacles placed on a course had to be overcome by changing directions of the vehicle. The team which could run through the course the fastest won the race.

To round off the evening, a delicious buffet and cold drinks were served. We already look forward to further exciting team events!

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Successful configuration of the Fiori Time Sheet App 03.07.2017

Within one day, concircle could successfully activate and configure the Fiori Time Sheet App for the mobile time recording in SAP. Many clients make use of SAP CATS (Cross Application Time Sheet) for the recording and billing of work hours. Being a cross-application tool, SAP CATS enables the systematical recording of work hours and activities on different account assignment objects. Thanks to the seamless integration into SAP ERP, personnel-related business processes can continuously be regulated and controlled. Hence, CATS is considered a highly flexible tool to transport personnel times into various SAP modules and to assess them monetarily.

In combination with SAP Fiori, it is now possible to perform all these tasks in a mobile and platform-independent way. SAP Fiory is the generic term for hundreds of SAP applications  offering a modern user interface for SAP ERP and S/4 HANA which eventually helps to make processes more efficient and easier to implement.

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concircle gives recommendation for SAP S/4 Hana 22.05.2017

Already the current release provides notable simplifications for extended production planning processes. PP/DS on S/4 is not yet flawless, nevertheless, has already been integrated quite comfortably.

The upcoming release 1709 is eagerly anticipated. In Walldorf, concircle could gain some valuable insights into great enhancements in the area of PP. These contain great analytical analyses which for the first time demonstrate the strengths of the Hana database in PP. Moreover, nice UI5 apps for production order and operation lists are available. In addition, further extensions dealing with HR qualifications (certificates) and activities or work instructions as subobjects of the production order process in S/4 Hana ensure proper MES functionality in the ERP system!

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Top Season for Lisa Unterweger 13.04.2017

Lisa Unterweger, young Austrian cross-country skier and sponsored by concircle for several years now, wins multiple first places in national and international competitions this season. We are very pround of Lisa's great successes and the entire concircle team already keeps its fingers crossed for the upcoming season.

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Product Database at Wienerberger AG 29.03.2017

concircle provides support to Wienerberger AG in the enlargement process of the existing product database, which is based on SAP Standard and now will be complemented by adding new product categories. In addition, the search function will be enhanced, and the computational logic will be adapted.

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Cloud-based Planning with SAP Integrated Business Planning 16.03.2017

Already for a longer period of time, concircle is dealing with the new cloud-based SAP planning tool "Integrated Business Planning". IBP represents the digital transformation of the Supply Chain, making it necessary to take decisions across departments based on current data. This process is supported thanks to a flexible data model, extensive simulation options and modern user interfaces in Fiori or Microsoft Excel.

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