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concircle & bloXmove

The mobility blockchain platform bloXmove empowers mobility service providers to cooperate with one another unobscured as well as reducing the complexity of travel for end-users one service provider issues the travel ticket for the customer’s entire journey regardless of the mode of transportation. The users experience Mobility Roaming within their city and beyond.

bloXmove’s decentralized network uses blockchain technology to combine the specialized distributed ledger technology with decentralized identities (DID), covering all transactions required for a booking, such as a contract closing and billing.

Since many established European companies continue to base their operations on an SAP infrastructure, seamless communication ways had to be established. Hence, bloXmove joined forces with concircle and Unibright.

The result of the collaboration is the creation of a gateway between distributed ledger technologies and a company’s SAP infrastructure, ultimately enabling synchronization between two ERP systems without end-to-end connection.

Furthermore, two specific connectors synchronize with the banking system as well as the general ledger of the accounting system creating a fully automized process with a high level of data security, service quality and efficiency.

In the last years, concircle invested significantly in exploring the future mainnet blockchain technologies and was dedicated to build up the backbone of blockchain as a service integration to SAP systems. These visions triggered the cooperation between bloXmove and concircle:


“With concircle’s SAP-certified SAP Blockchain connector, conUBC enables companies to connect individual “Blockchain as a Service” processes with SAP systems. The cooperative solution with conUBC & bloXmove drives and enables the digitalisation of processes and gives mobile access to critical or “fast-moving” processes.”

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Adrienn Leier

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