SAP BRF+ Business Rules Framework

Dynamically controlling processes with sets of rules

“When Customer A orders Product X, additional data must be recorded in the sales order.” “If the production order is dispatched to Plant F instead of G, then the packing instructions must be redetermined.” Requirements like these can be found in all companies, but much of it is still handled outside the defined processes. Due to the individualization of customer needs and the increasing variety of products, even standardized and IT-supported processes are subject to high dynamics. In some cases, complex decision matrices are required to map these dynamics in system terms. The classic approach here is to have all these logic programmed by IT experts. After many years, traceability and maintenance become a challenge. concircle takes a different approach here, especially for demanding processes such as variant configuration: The SAP ECC or S/4 HANA standard tool BRF+ provides a platform for configuring sets of rules that are integrated into the running processes. These rules can be maintained and continuously adapted by the business department, supported by simulation options. Expert knowledge thus becomes transparent, flexibly adaptable, and maintainable.


Intuitive Design of Rule Sets

SAP Business Rule Framework (BRF+) provides us with the ideal toolset for:  

  • Determination of responsibilities, products, and locations
  • Data validation and invalid data state detection
  • Calculation of costs, overhead, and risks
  • Simulation of different control configurations
  • Tracing of actual process executions (valuable knowledge base)
Sebastian Schoppe

Sebastian Schoppe

Product Manager SAP BRF+

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