SAP Business Network for Logistics

SAP Business Network 4 Logistics (BN4L)

SAP Transportation Management (TM) is very well complemented by SAP BN4L solution, which enables carrier / LSP collaboration, contracting, booking, visibility and invoicing on all Freight Orders managed in your own TM.

SAP BN4L can be also deployed without SAP TM, as a standalone as its main value add is in one-to-many collaboration nature, onboarded carriers, and GPS visibility on all transport orders.


Freight Collaboration

Shippers can collaborate with carriers on objects such as requests for quotation, tender, booking, shipping instructions, bill of lading. There are many variations of such communications and many pitfalls, so better to have that all fully digital and auditable in case something goes wrong with your carrier / LSP.

Global Track & Trace

Monitor Order Fulfillment, track Goods in transit, analyze the impact of exceptions, be agile, and increase your company’s resiliency levels.

Dock Appointment

Manage appointments for your truckers at your warehouse individually or per location, sync up times, make full use of your gate capacity as well, and avoid waiting time, unnecessary driven kilometers, and frustrations.

Freight Settlement (Invoicing)

Receiving invoices, self-billing, 3-way auditing, dispute management, accruals, and connecting to AP systems are some of the functions supported by BN4L in the Freight Settlement process.

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