Operating time recording package for SAP ME and SAP MII


The conLABOR package is an SAP MII based add-on to complement and extend the store floor data collection concept of SAP ME and leaves nothing to be desired in the area of precise store floor data collection, time calculation, and ERP feedback. The add-on package can also be used independently for SAP MII based MES solutions.


  • Accurate and advanced operation and machine time calculation
  • Ergonomic, efficient, and automated time tracking based on POD activities (Production Operator Dashboard)
  • Support of processing by several operators (working simultaneously on one task, e.g. assembly)
  • Support of multiple resources case (simultaneous operation for different tasks or operations e.g. engraving or laser machine).
  • Support for multiple part processing (one or more operators working on multiple parts simultaneously, e.g. oven, punching, etc.)
  • Recording of causes during downtimes
  • Planned / actual times comparison with limit monitoring and release cockpit
  • Flexible time and/or quantity feedback messages to SAP PP (optional)
  • Automatic machine time recording through machine connection
  • Automatic time recording when the operator logs out on POD (optional)
  • Full functionality of all features even in case of a rework
  • Complete basis for evaluations, KPIs and reporting


  • Automatic time recording without additional activities from the operator (such as entering or splitting the recorded times)
  • Very precise time calculation algorithm based on the exact time intervals between activities
  • Accurate calculation and feedback of time activities (setup time, machine time, operator time, etc.)
  • Automatic deduction of pauses and unproductive times
  • Automatic division of the recorded times in case of multiple resources or parts
  • The multiplier in case of multiple operators
  • Separate feedback for different operators
  • Approval process by a supervisor in case of plan/actual deviations
  • Integrated Supervisor Dashboard
  • 100% transparency and traceability through XML-based feedback messages
  • Separate or integrated time and quantity reporting (if ERP time reporting is not required and operating times are to be recorded only at MES level)
  • Full functionality of all features even in case of machine connection
  • Productivity metrics and reporting per workstation, work area, machine, etc.
  • Evaluation of unproductive times with exact causes
  • Very fast implementation in SAP ME and SAP MII based MES systems

Technical requirements

  • SAP ME or/and SAP MII
Farhang Akhavei

Farhang Akhavei

Product Manager conLABOR

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