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conFIGURE is an add-on to the standard SAP variant configuration that implements rule maintenance as well as bill of material and routing determination using the SAP BRF+ Rules Engine. This offers benefits and flexibility in the design and runtime of a variant configuration model. The link between the standard SAP VC and SAP BRF+ thus enables BOM determination in both classic variant configuration (LOVC) and advanced variant configuration (AVC).



  • Use of SAP ERP Variant Configuration (LOVC/AVC)
  • Clear outline of configuration features
  • Multi-level configuration
  • Online visualization of the current BRF+ rules and regulations


  • conFIGURE connection easy to implement
  • Clear configuration interface
  • Outline of configuration characteristics and characteristic groups
  • BRF+ value determination and associated rules clearly displayed in the trace
  • Trace available by default
  • Integration of BOM and routing determination integrated into AVC configuration dialogs


  • Clear configuration interface
  • Outline of configuration features
  • Current application log (BRF+ rule trace)
  • Clear customizing
  • Simple connection to the system
  • Characteristic fast entry

Rulebook (BRF+)

  • Clear dependencies (logic syntax)
  • Care by specialist department possible
  • Easy troubleshooting in BRF+ Trace
  • Versioning at object level


  • Enhancement of SAP standard functionality
  • Characteristic fast entry
  • Integration with cost accounting and logistics
  • Quick and easy solution implementation
  • Flexible and easy to understand the variant configuration
  • Direct access to SAP data without using reference characteristics
  • Access to any element of a multilevel configuration very easy (not only $ROOT, $PARENT possible)

conFIGURE can be easily integrated into all required SAP ERP standard processes and enables a clear processing and display of configuration characteristics in all SAP objects that are configurable in the standard (e.g. sales order). Based on the SAP ERP configurator, conFIGURE enables convenient and individual product configuration for both classic variant configuration (LOVC) and advanced variant configuration (AVC). In contrast to the SAP standard, complex object dependencies such as procedures and constraints can be dispensed with. Instead, a clear set of rules is processed using the Business Rules Engine (SAP BRF+). A clearly structured and transparent overview in the BRF+ rule set enables the business department to make changes itself. In this way, sources of error can be avoided and any problems that arise can be quickly resolved. With conFIGURE, configuration fields (e.g. size, color) can be captured in the customer order and filled based on their dependencies defined in BRF+, other configuration features. No matter if you want to configure complex products or simply the packaging processes. conFIGURE is a powerful solution for this. Furthermore, conFIGURE offers the possibility to improve the SAP VC bill of material and routing determination and to make them clearer. This is especially true when parts of the product structure are managed by upstream CAx/MES/MDM systems. Here it is technically very easy to access the data using conFIGURE and to resolve the bill of material and the routing in a mixture of SAP standard VC, SAP BRF+, and the determined data.

Technical requirements


  • MM, SD, PP, PM, QM, APO, PPDS with VC and BRF+ 

S/4 HANA: 

  • SD with AVC und BRF+ 

Our clients

conFIGURE or parts of conFIGURE are successfully in use at many of our clients in various industries. Through implemented and ongoing projects at clients such as voestalpine, Kraus & Naimer, Egger, Senoplast, Getzner, thyssenkrupp, and B.Braun, conFIGURE can be continuously developed and used across industries.

"With conFIGURE we were able to develop a solution for complex business processes that has given us flexibility for the future and data transparency - always with the full support of concircle."

Güler Öztürk FRITZ EGGER GmbH & Co.OG Specialist SAP CC PP


Case Studies

Growth through highly integrated core processes

Growth through highly integrated core processes


Sebastian Schoppe

Sebastian Schoppe

Product Manager conFIGURE

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