Enterprise Continuous Testing

An absolutely new way of software testing

Agile and DevOps have made continuous testing indispensable. Yet software testing is still dominated by outdated tools and processes that do not meet the demands of today’s digital transformation initiatives. Through agile test management and advanced test automation optimised to support more than 150 technologies, Tricentis provides automated insights into the business risks of your software releases and transforms testing from an obstacle to a catalyst for innovation.

Speed changes everything

Tricentis Enterprise Continuous Testing streamlines and accelerates end-to-end testing across your entire digital landscape. Its codeless, AI-powered approach accelerates innovation in your organization by eliminating testing bottlenecks and software release risks.

Key features

tricentis enterprise continuous testing

Key benefits

Test sooner

Shift testing left by auto- mating tests based on mockups and use those same tests as the application is developed.

Test smarter

Vision AI keeps up with your application changes, regardless of the underlying platform, avoiding massive rework as the application evolves.

Test more

Create stable and resilient automation for any technology, including virtual/ remote applications running on Citrix, VMware, etc.

Test with everyone

Vision AI is integrated with Tosca’s no-code platform, making test automation easy for a business analyst and subject matter experts to contribute regardless of skill level

Tosca in 60 Seconds

Peter Holotik

Peter Holotik

Product Manager Tricentis Enterprise Continuous Testing

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