Master Data Management

designed for use with SAP DM

Migrate and transport master data efficiently

With conDMWizard, you can efficiently migrate or transport your master data within the SAP® Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM) landscape. The specialized SaaS application for master data management enables the effortless upload, migration and synchronization of master and configuration data across different plants and tenants of SAP DM.

SaaS application compatible with SAP DM

conDMWizard is ideal for for data-intensive transition phases. The application supports organizations with data creation, migration and transport in critical cut-over phases and ensures seamless data flow and integrity throughout the SAP DM environment. Achieve time savings in production and minimize errors due to repetitive data entry through more efficient master data management. The intuitive, web-based application promises user-friendly operation.


  • Management of profiles consisting of plant & tenant for easy operation of the application
  • Migration of data collection groups to SAP DM via Excel upload
  • Transport of data collection groups between plants and tenants
  • Transport of POD configurations between plants and tenants

Advantages for your master data management

  • Time savings: Significant reduction in the time required for data migration and synchronization.
  • Integration capability: Seamless integration into existing SAP DM environments to increase the efficiency of data management.
  • Intuitive user interface: User-friendly application design simplifies complex data management tasks for organizations.
  • Easy to obtain and use: conDMWizard is just a few clicks away and can be used without any installation effort.
What is conDMWizard?

conDMWizard is a specialized SaaS web application designed for the efficient management of master data within the SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM) landscape. It enables effortless uploading, migration, and synchronization of master and configuration data across various plants and tenants of SAP DM. 

Do I need a training to start using conDMWizard?

In order to use conDMWizard no training is needed. During development we put a focus on self explanatory functionalities. On each page you can find an interactive how-to tutorial. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! 

Which data can i migrate & transport?

Currently Data Collection Groups can be migrated and transported. POD Configuration can be transported as well. We are consistently developing new functionalities to enable the transportation and migration of additional types of master data. Contact us, if you have special requirments! 

I do not have SAP DM, can I still use conDMWizard?

conDMWizard can only be used if you have a SAP Digital Manufacturing. Therefore conDMWizard will not be beneficial for you if you do not have the SAP DM.

Is there a trial period?

A free version is available for everybody to use for unlimited time. Please refer to the overview of available plans or contact us for custom inquireies.

How many subscriptions do I need?

You just need one subscriptions to start using conDMWizard or use the free plan!

How to subscribe?

Click on Purchase in our billing table. There, you can buy the plan which fits to you best!

What is the price of conDMWizard?

conDMWizard plans can be purchased monthly or yearly. You can find the plans including prices in the billing-plan overview. The choosen plan depends on the amount of profiles you want to create. One profile consists of a unique cominbation of SAP Digital Manufacutring Plant and Tenant (Q or PROD). There are no other fees!

What system prerequisities you need to use conDMWizard?

conDMWizard is an online platform – you can use a web browser of your choice. You need SAP DM.

How do I start with conDMWizard?

Register with conDMWizard to create your profile within the profile management system. Following registration, you can access and explore all functionalities offered within the free version.

How do I upload data?

An Excel Template is included within the standard functionalities of the application. Use this template to upload your data seamlessly, then let conDMWizard do the rest! LINK

What should I do if my upload did not work?

Please check the provided log with corresponding error message and change your excel accordingly. If you still encounter a problem, contact us! 

What happens to my SAP DM Tenant Credentials?

Your SAP Digital Manufacturing Tenant Credentials are securely stored within your local session storage, ensuring that they are not retained within the application. This enhances the security of your credentials, ensuring the confidentiality of your sensitive information.

How secure is the data transmission?

The data transmission is highly secure as it is conducted over HTTPS, adhering to the latest and widely recognized security standards. This encryption protocol ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the transmitted data, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Which and where is my data stored?

Your data, including user authentication and general Digital Manufacturing (DM) profile information such as plant, name, and DM URL, is stored securely on our Database server located in the Azure cloud. We prioritize the security of your profiles by excluding the storage of credentials associated with the DM profile.

What data is stored at the payment provider?

Our payment provider, Stripe, securely stores billing-related data. For more information read our data privacy policy LINK and / or data privacy policy of Stripe

Technical Prerequisities

  • Webbrowser
  • SAP DM
Clemens Neuwirth

Clemens Neuwirth

Product Manager conDMWizard

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