Smart CNC application for operator guidance and DNC processing

conDNC is software that bundles all information relevant to the CNC machine operator in a modern, user-friendly user interface. The aim is thus to save the operator either working with paper or getting started with different applications. All relevant information is available at a glance.

This means that the process steps on the machine

  • Setup
    • Presetting
    • NC program transfer
    • Tool loading and unloading of the magazine
  • Machining
  • Finish signaling

optimally supported.

In the background, conDNC accesses data from order processing (MES), NC program management and tool management. There is extensive flexibility as to which specific systems are connected.


conDNC consists of three modules that can be flexibly integrated into a worker user interface:

1) Order processing
2) NC program handling
3) Tool loading and unloading

These include the following main functions:

  • Execution of all CNC machining steps on the clamping level.
  • Display machine setting sheets
  • Display Vericut simulations and videos
  • NC program viewer incl. program comparison
  • Machine connection with bidirectional NC program transfer (e.g. MTConnect, TCP/IP, RS232)
  • Information provision and acknowledgment tool loading and unloading
  • Integration of tool management system
  • The finished message of clamping and operation


  • High level of worker satisfaction because all relevant information is available in one screen template
  • IT-supported standardization of setup and machining steps leads to increased efficiency and reduces errors
  • Status management provides transparency on process status and supports decision-making (e.g. tool presetting completed yes/no? Number of free magazine positions versus tool requirements?)
  • Flexibility through various optional conDNC modules
  • Flexibility in connecting different systems or control components to the machines

Technical requirements

  • Java environment (e.g. SAP BTP Business Technology Platform) for conDNC basic module
  • For the individual modules
    1. application API to provide order data (e.g. MES systems like SAP DM Digital Manufacturing)
    2. application API for providing NC program data (e.g. file system)
    3. application API for providing tool data (e.g. Walter TDMsystems TDM)
  • Optional: Integration of the user interface into existing SAP DM or SAP ME dialogs.
Björn Rohde

Björn Rohde

Product Manager conDNC

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