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SAP Production Planning: conOS the innovative ERP add-on for detailed planning

We take your interactive planning to a new level. We know the existing processes of interactive SAP production planning, such as the PPDS planning boards or the old ERP planning boards, inside out and also implement them on an ongoing basis. But our claim is more: with conOperationScheduling, an SAP add-on, we show the power of the latest SAP technologies.

The future of integrated operational planning with conOS

sap production planning


  • Manual planning – drag & drop
  • Finite- and Infinite planning
  • Planning simulation​s
  • Utilization curves
  • Shift display & change
  • Setup optimization
  • ATP Check
  • Missing part overview
  • Relation between different product levels (pegging)
  • Tracking order confirmations

Visualization options for optimal user support

Planning board

Gantt chart for planning tasks and easily viewing the relationships between tasks

Work calendar

Planning as in Outlook planning with a focus on the representation of a single workstation

Tabular planning board

Better visibility of order details with the form of tables and managing alternative capacities at the same time


Gantt display of the production plan in the production area 

Modern technology

Ergonomic, intuitive SAP UI5 interfaces

Push technology (events are taken over into the planning without manual refresh)

Customer-specific extensibility (e.g. texts)

Flexible rules for individual customization (colors, columns, …)


Short- or medium-term planning is highly dependent on changes that take place continuously due to production progress, goods traffic, incoming customer orders, and machine conditions. With conOperationScheduling, such events hit the planning immediately. Thus, interactive production planning becomes a control station or simply a monitor for the shop floor. To make the actions in the planning board flexible, intelligent rules support. This allows you to determine how planning should react to production progress: For example, let’s assume that a work center has finished the operation faster than planned. Then you can model it in such a way that this information should be displayed immediately in the planning and, in addition, the subsequent operations on the same work center can start correspondingly earlier.

Technical requirements

The standard version runs from S/4 Hana 1909. However, it is also possible with restrictions to use conOperationScheduling with earlier SAP releases. In addition, we have also planned in the architecture to offer conOperationScheduling in a simple version also as a module for SAP ME or to process information (progress, machine data) from SAP ME.


Case Studies

Integrated planning process with conOS at Zumtobel Group

Integrated planning process with conOS at Zumtobel Group

Zumtobel Group

Selen Marangozoglu

Selen Marangozoglu

Product Manager conOperationScheduling

Do you have questions about this solution, please contact me for a non-binding discussion! +43 676 7012929

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