S&OP Best Practice


    1. Learn the best practice S&OP process with your Supply Chain.
    2. Get a clear picture of the possibilities of SAP IBP.
    3. Create a realistic implementation concept.
    4. Align the best practice process with your requirements to verify pitfalls even before starting the implementation project.

Service Content – Management Summary

  1. Two-day Workshop (on-site or remote)
    1. Define the scope for the S&OP process
    2. Understand individual challenges and define scenarios
  2. Setup of S&OP process based on individual master and transactional data
    1. Demand Planning
    2. Demand Review
    3. Supply Planning
    4. Supply Review
    5. Reconciliation Review & Management Review
  3. Presentation of S&OP process and scenarios (2h)
  4. Training (each 2h)
    1. For IT
    2. For Business User
  5. Presentation of a possible implementation concept and project plan (2h)

Timeline – S&OP Best Practice

Martin Baldauf

Martin Baldauf

Team Lead Digital Supply Chain

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