conPEP: Staff planning

conPEP ERP add-on for staff planning

Welcome to conPEP, your ultimate solution for dynamic staff planning in today’s ever-changing business landscape!

In response to dynamic business environments, our staff planning tool was crafted to empower organizations with the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing personal capacities. With conPEP, an SAP add-on, we support shift leaders to streamline workforce management, eliminating inefficiencies and enhancing overall operational productivity.

Transition from physical to digital board in conPEP

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  • Calendar view for planning shift times of the operators
  • Mass maintenance of operators
  • Work Center assignment of operators
  • Qualification check of operators during Work Center assignment
  • Automatic calculation of the overall available capacity and update on the PP Work Center


  • Ergonomic, intuitive SAP UI5 interfaces
  • Flexible rules for customization (colors, role icons, …)
  • Real-Time Integration with HR System
  • Flexible error message handling


Seamless integration with HR systems enables real-time access to operator shift programs and planned absences, empowering shift managers to make agile, short-term adjustments for optimal workforce deployment. In this way, conPEP improves capacity utilization (of Work Centers) by ensuring a precise alignment between available workforce and operational demands.

For example, if an employee is absent at short notice, the available capacity is automatically adjusted and production can be rescheduled quickly and easily.
Customize the ergonomic and intuitive SAP UI5 interface with intelligent rules to suit your requirements and design error messages flexibly and according to your needs. You can also use the dashboard application with a pure display function as a monitor for the shop floor.

Technical requirements

The standard version runs on S/4 Hana 1909, although it is also possible to use ConPEP with earlier SAP releases, but with restrictions.

Selen Marangozoglu

Selen Marangozoglu

Product Manager

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