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In the area of Digital Enterprise Core, we consult and support our customers in all logistic & operational processes. Efficient end-to-end processes play an important role in every company and our goal is to create the best possible process security and transparency with the lowest possible transaction costs for our customers. For many companies, the SAP ERP (ECC or S/4) system is more than ever the central core application for many business-critical processes. The expectations of the stakeholders of these processes have been rising for some years now in terms of usability and openness (as summarized in sales, for example, under the term “customer journey”), process penetration and transparency (as it is increasingly becoming standard in manufacturing processes) or mobility (individual process steps are performed on different devices). In addition to the new possibilities of an SAP S/4 HANA system, additional applications (SAP or non-SAP, on-premise or increasingly cloud) are used for this purpose.

concircle creates digitalization solutions that meet current business requirements on the basis of an integrated, efficient and manageable application landscape. So that your company remains unique.

Demo request

If you are interested in how our SAP S/4 solutions can also support your business processes, request a non-binding demo. We have mapped a large number of use cases on our systems. In addition, we are happy to extend our showcases based on your individual requirements.

SAP Workflow/conFLOW

Are you interested in innovative workflow solutions but do not have sufficient workflow know-how in your company? Request a demo for conFlow to digitalize the process flows in your company.

SAP UI5 Fiori Apps Do you want to get to know the new S/4 HANA Apps? Looking for a competent partner for your new SAP UI5 apps. Request a demo from our large solution portfolio with Apps in PM, QM, PP, MM & WM.


Request to Order Processing

Customer inquiries are often non-binding. The seller should first check the price at which a certain product can be delivered; this is followed by an offer and order. The process behind this can be very complex, which is why product configuration dialogs, from warehouse queries to production inquiries, must be mastered. IT-supported processes ensure fast, reliable and centralized handling. We offer

  • Easy handling of complex configuration dialogs (SAP Variant Configuration, SAP Business Rules Framework)
  • Online Configuration options with modern SAP Backend Connection
  • Global availability check (market allocation, worldwide product availability, simulative production requests)
  • Evaluations of stock levels (SAP Business Warehouse Analyses)
Production Data Acquisition

With modern tools such as from SAP we can very quickly create prototypes for UI5 PDA applications. These are created directly with the end users. We then implement these mock-ups in short sprints and can realize very short lead times. Our project experience spans materials management, production and maintenance processes. In the backend we consistently rely on the standard processes of SAP. In workplace design, we consult on the correct use of mobile or stationary hardware or the moderate use of paper or other means of identification.

Procurement and Production Planning

The timely provision of products to customer requirements is a multi-stage process; the decisive factor here is the stocking level. Sales planning is used to stock products or materials in the right quantities to keep delivery times short. Make-or-buy decisions are made and capacity bottlenecks and setup optimization problems are solved. Production planning is divided into different horizons, whereby a distinction is made between long-term capacity planning and detailed planning on a shift-by-shift basis.

Product Structure Management / Variant Configuration

Product structure management is used to create hierarchical relationships between the components of a product – these form the product structure. A product structure includes material masters, parts lists and work plans. The classification of material masters supports the reuse of materials and thus reduces the planning effort. We are specialized in the area of variant configuration via flexible rules and offer with conFIGURE an innovative solution in the SAP environment.

Warehouse Logistics

We approach warehouse logistics from the digitalization side. Instead of old-fashioned warehouse solutions, we consistently rely on integrative warehouse processes and state-of-the-art logistics apps. Together with the hardware of our partner Zebra, we have already implemented numerous warehouse applications from classic barcodes to 2d barcodes and RFID solutions.


Intralogistics refers to the logistical flow of materials and goods within a company’s premises – in contrast to the transport of goods outside a factory. Thanks to better handhelds and extensive network coverage, logistics functions such as reading RFID and NFC chips, as well as personnel logins, time account access and quality checks, are increasingly mobile.

Maintenance Management

The active organization of internal company maintenance tasks is becoming increasingly important. Measures such as inspection, maintenance and repair are used to assess the current status and to maintain and restore the target status. Processes such as these are increasingly being handled on a mobile basis. Our solutions range from order entry to the execution of maintenance tasks and feedback of the results – simple and user-friendly.

Quality Management

Quality describes the extent to which a product meets previously defined criteria. Quality management thus includes all measures to improve the product and service quality of a company. This begins with the incoming goods inspection, continues with quality-specific process data acquisition and ends with customer-specific test protocols. For integrated solutions, complex system landscapes such as ERP, MES, warehouse systems, LIMS or plant control systems often have to be mastered.

Complaint Management

If a product does not meet the customer’s expectations, a complaint will be made. Complaint management thus serves the structured processing of complaints. The aim is to identify problems and implement process improvements. For this purpose we offer SAP ERP based processes with modern, web-based SAP UI5 front-end. This ensures a fast and convenient complaints system already in the field service.

Master Data Management

Increasing process complexity and rising data volumes – to master these challenges, systematic master data management is required. Master data management describes the strategic management of master data, the basic, constant data of a company.

Ideas Management and CIP

Kaizen, also called CIP (continuous improvement process), is used with the goal of continuous process optimization – there is great potential here. Modern IT tools enable mobile data collection and increase the transparency of the processes handled. Thanks to access to existing data, information can be retrieved and evaluated at a later date. Through continuous innovation management new ideas can be implemented.

Digital Enterprise Core Solutions


SAP S/4 HANA is the latest ERP generation from SAP. In our core processes, which we consult and implement, our consultants deal intensively with the innovations and what added value they bring to our customers with each new release. As a Special Expertise Partner, we are in ongoing contact with SAP regarding planned innovations and also test new features for SAP product development.

SAP Production Planning: conOperationScheduling

SAP Production Planning: with conOperationScheduling (conOS for short), an SAP add-on, we demonstrate the power of the latest SAP technologies.


SAP EWM is the modern warehouse management solution for the efficient design of all warehouse logistics processes. Either embedded directly in your S/4 system or decentralized as your own S/4 system, you can use EWM to optimize your operational processes and increase transparency in your internal logistics.


The SAP ECC or S/4 HANA standard tool BRF+ provides a platform for configuring sets of rules that are integrated into the running processes. These rules can be maintained and continuously adapted by the business department, supported by simulation options.

SAP Blockchain: Unified Blockchain Connector

conUBC is a certified "out of the box" SAP Blockchain solution to connect your individual "Blockchain as a Service" process with SAP systems. It drives and enables the digitalization of processes and gives mobile access to critical or "fast-moving" processes.

SAP Analytics

In recent years, concircle has increasingly focused on analytics solutions that help our clients to better understand their own processes. We support our customers in the selection of data, the definition of relevant key figures, and in the visualization and interpretation of the analysis results.


QPPD is an add-on in SAP R/3 and S4/HANA and supports the administration and maintenance of regulations, standards and other master data in the SAP logistics modules - 100% individual and highly flexible. When used in manufacturing companies such as steel, aluminium or metal processing, QPPD offers the advantage of minimising characteristics in classification/VC.


QEASY expands its SAP system in the area of quality management. With our integrative solution, we reduce and simplify the effort from inspection planning over inspection lot creation to sample generation and its inspection results recording. The complete QM process flow is simplified.


conPIP handles the reception of the data, the desired data conversion, the forwarding to the partner, and the sender's feedback. All transmissions are logged, both in case of success and error. Data mapping can be configured, and standardized partner connections exist for common business cases.


Welcome to conPEP, your ultimate solution for dynamic staff planning in today's ever-changing business landscape!


We take your interactive planning to a new level. We know the existing processes of interactive SAP production planning, such as the PPDS planning boards or the old ERP planning boards, inside out and also implement them on an ongoing basis. But our claim is more: With conOperationScheduling, an SAP add-on, we show the power of the latest SAP technologies.


conFIGURE is an add-on to the standard SAP variant configuration that implements rule maintenance as well as bill of material and routing determination using the SAP BRF+ Rules Engine.
Markus Pferscher

Markus Pferscher

Teamlead Enterprise Core

If you have questions about our services for your industry, please contact me for a non-binding discussion! +43 676 4308775

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