Our goal – long-term satisfied clients

We want to understand and shape the organization and processes of our international clients – often over many years

Our clients, for the most part, companies with industrial value-added, are in a demanding competitive environment. They are part of complex, global supply chains. Their products have to survive in dynamic, increasingly individualized markets. At the right time, in the right quantity, and with the required quality. Their plants must deliver a wide range of products on time. Production processes must be transparent, sustainable, and efficient. Their IT and OT must support this business in the best possible way and create room for innovation in an increasingly digital market.

You too can benefit from digital services by concircle, just like many internationally successful companies. Benefit from our experience and in-depth knowledge of digitalization and industrial processes to give your company a decisive advantage.

Our clients

Benefit from our skills



We know industrial processes, we understand your business and we deliver digital solutions that increase efficiency.


Knowledge of how IT projects work. Provide simple solutions even for complex processes. Ensure acceptance. Share experience.

Social Skills

We work as a team that performs. With your business unit, your IT, other partners. Solution and goal-oriented, with joy!


We are an open organization and cooperate with universities, product manufacturers, and other service providers. This benefits you as a client.


Once committed, we deliver. Cooperation can be that simple.

Successful projects

Cancelled projects



SAP UI5 Apps developed

Case Studies

Growth through highly integrated core processes

Growth through highly integrated core processes


Digitialization of Assembly and Parts Production with SAP ME

Digitialization of Assembly and Parts Production with SAP ME

Bühler AG

Process Harmonization in the Steel Industry

Process Harmonization in the Steel Industry


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Konrad Pfadenhauer

Konrad Pfadenhauer

Managing Director

Satisfied clients are our goal. We are allowed to report on some projects, but not on all of them. If you want to know more about our clients’ projects, I will be happy to pass it on or organize an experience exchange.
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