conGDC: from Edge to ERP

Machine and device connection with conGDC

Would you like to connect your machines or measuring devices to higher-level systems? conGDC enables simple and reliable connectivity, configurable routing, data mapping and the addition of special logic or data buffering. Establish a connection between your machines and devices and ERP – even without MES.

Direct connection: from Edge to ERP

Many machines or measuring devices offer interfaces for importing and exporting data that cannot be integrated directly into a modern HTTP environment – for example via RS232. With conGDC, we offer a lightweight solution that can be installed at “edge”. This makes it possible to convert, buffer and control the data from and to the higher-level system in the correct format at edge devices.


conGDC offers the following functions:

  • Connection of devices to higher-level systems – on premise or in the cloud are enabled
  • Device-specific connections are prepared (Minolta, Zwick)
  • Generic connections are configurable
  • Can be expanded on a customer-specific basis
  • Data storage for buffering
  • Simple and lightweight installation – also at edge
  • Central control of update rollouts

Technical prerequisites 

  • From Windows 10 x64
Gernot Baumgartner

Gernot Baumgartner

Product Manager conGDC

If you have any questions about this solution, please contact me!

+43 676 9260562

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