conPIP – Process Integration Plattform

Digitalization of your service IT processes with conPIP

Are you looking for a lean, scalable, and cost-effective alternative to the classic EDI platforms? Do you want fast, cost-transparent solutions instead of waiting times and overpriced service models? With our cloud-based Process Integration Platform solution (conPIP), we facilitate the digitalization of your service IT processes. Our solution includes the following highlights:

  • Digitalization of previously unstructured paper-based processes
  • Centralization of their heterogeneous interface landscape
  • Creation of more transparency, efficiency, and synergies
  • Security, high availability, and scalability
  • Support for a wide range of formats, transmission technologies, and target systems

conPIP handles the reception of the data, the desired data conversion, the forwarding to the partner, and the sender’s feedback, both in case of success and error. The mapping of the data fields for the conversion is configurable.


  • HTTPS Encryption
  • X509 certificate validation 
  • Username / Password
  • Highly available / scalable in geo-redundant data center
Communication channels
  • Webservices / SOAP 
  • .NET WCF 
  • HTTP Request / Response 
  • E-Mail 
  • REST 
  • FTP
Message formats
  • XML
  • Office
  • PDF
  • CSV
  • etc.
Integration Workflow Engine
  • Step 1   Authentification
  • Step 2   Validation
  • Step 3   Logging
  • Step 4   Receiver determination
  • Step 5   Confirm to the transmitter
  • Step 6   Transformation (1 to n)
  • Step 7   Delivery receiver (1 to n)
  • Step 8   Logging (1 to n)
  • Access configuration
  • Mapping configuration 
  • Shipment tracking
  • Success / error logs
  • Shipment repetition
  • Cost control
conPIP handles the reception of the data, the desired data conversion, the forwarding to the partner, and the sender’s feedback. All transmissions are logged, both in case of success and error. Data mapping can be configured, and standardized partner connections exist for common business cases.

concircle delivers solutions for your business case “out of the box” and guarantees a short-term connection.

With our simple Pay-Per-Use payment models, we adapt to your business success and with our dashboard, you can always see and control your costs.

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Kevin Tschirschke

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