SAP Blockchain: Unified Blockchain Connector (conUBC)

SAP Blockchain: conUBC connects your business

conUBC is a certified, “out of the box” SAP Blockchain solution to connect your individual “Blockchain as a Service” process with SAP systems. It drives and enables the digitalization of processes and gives mobile access to critical or “fast-moving” processes. conUBC uses the mainnet to exchange objects between different systems. The workflows are highly automated and easy to create. The company gets direct insight into all relevant data, as all processes are monitored in the powerful The configured or enhanced mapping of data to ERP processes and back is easy and the user has full access to all SAP Standard Business Objects and Custom Objects via conUBC.act. The conUBC leaves a “near-no” footprint in your SAP systems and needs no other architectural components. 

conUBC architecture for SAP integration

  • Transfer data objects easily via public mainnet
  • Workflow (conUBC.flow)clear and transparent framework for inbound/outbound messages 
  • The interface monitor ( visualizes all object activities. 
  • conUBC connects the blockchain as a service, protocols, and networks to your ERP-System

The conUBC architecture is divided into five functional parts:

  • Customer-specific authentication 
  • Configuration for outbound “proxy” to receive objects
  • Delete proxy configuration or do a health check
  • Modelling of business objects based on idoc/custom 
  • Health check for conUBC framework 
  • Posting of business objects via conUBC-framework incl. monitoring, framework, mapping, etc. 
  • Notify status for business objects which were previously posted
  • Two standard workflows are defined which handle the entire flow of processing data integrated with
  • Definition of workflows by means of customizing and ABAP programming
  • Modelled steps within standard delivery flow do not require any user interaction/approval
  • Mapping of business object data from source to target value while in/outbound processes
  • Inbound scenario: mapping before calling inbound logic
  • Outbound scenario: mapping applied after outbound process
  • Access to transactional data (e.g. Sales Order, Confirmation, FI Documents, Purchase Orders)
  • Access to master data (e.g. Business Partner, Material Masters, Product Specifications)
  • General customizing (transaction: /UBC/CUSTOMIZING)
  • Monitor transaction /C09/CIO
  • Integration of conUBC.flow
  • Structured message search and display in the cockpit
  • Rule-based automatic message restart
  • Configurable alerting/notification & workflow handling
  • Function as MQTT client
  • Avoidance of possible firewall problems
  • No exposed SAP endpoints
  • Immediate transmission of all messages, without polling
  • If transmission not possible: temporary storage of messages in the MQTT Broker until delivery available again


  • Integration to the SAP blockchain as a service, protocols, and networks
  • All interfaces are exposed via REST services
  • JSON as standard message format
  • conUBC bundles a set of standard interfaces
  • Customer-specific ones can be easily defined

  • conUBC.flow serves for an appropriate workflow handling
  • Complex workflows can be mapped without SAP workflow know-how using simple ABAP-based customizing
  • Any number of workflows can be defined. These workflow definitions determine the flow of a workflow.

  • Mapping of data to process and process to data
  • Smart mapping within SAP system using powerful rules engine BRF+
  • Implementation of custom in/outbound methods
  • Focus on real mapping/business logic due to well framework integration

  • Access to SAP standard or custom objects
  • Foundation and cross-link between all other modules within conUBC
  • Logic is defined on business object level
  • Integration of connected proxies (second layer)

  • Message monitoring of all in-/outbound messages which go through the conUBC layer
  • Messages of a particular day can be searched and displayed
  • Several technologies such as REST, IDOC, RFC are combined here in the holistic cockpit
  • Entire interface chains can be configured logically in queues and thus a high degree of automation and stability can be achieved
Technicals: ECC 6.0 EHP8 NW 7.50  S/4 HANA all releases  S/4 HANA private cloud all releases 

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Stefan Rauch

Product Manager conUBC

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