Quality management made easy

QEASY expands its SAP system in the area of quality management. With our integrative solution, we reduce and simplify the effort from inspection planning over inspection lot creation to sample generation and its inspection results recording. The complete QM process flow is simplified.



  • Test plan creation and editing
  • Inspection lot creation
  • Sample preparation and processing
  • Test certificate preparation and processing
  • Silo/container management
  • Laboratory processing incl. sample/inventory management with movement types
  • Direct results recording
  • Traceability (individual item/quantity tracking, process and inventory level)

Detail functions

Inspection planning and inspection lot processing
  • Test planning according to quality/grade, geometry/format, product, as well as other criteria
  • Dynamic inspection lot creation from multiple inspection plans (merging)
  • Sample registration with integrated results recording
  • Traceability without batch management
  • Individual and situational inspection lot creation from maximum inspection plan
Test certificate
  • Certificate cockpit with integrated functionalities
  • Preview, PDF, DVS certificate storage, and e-mail dispatch
  • Release and generate test certificate from a worklist
  • Create test certificate for commercial products without own test results
  • Version management, automatic classification (retrieval)
Laboratory management
  • LIMS inspection lot/order can be created flexibly and situationally via a service catalog
  • Retention and sample management
  • Expand sample master with stock and stock movements
  • Capacity planning with operation scheduling and simulation function
  • Simulation tool to determine chemistry and sieve analysis based on a virtual recipe
  • Status report, test result recording (matrix), and evaluations
Shop floor PP/QM
  • Simplification of PP/QM functions for the worker
  • Worker-compliant usability and GUI interface
  • Single piece tracking via load carrier at In-Process
  • Single piece tracking from in-process level to inventory level
  • Multifunctionality PP feedback, test result, and traceability
  • Order-independent PP feedback
  • Sample-independent test result acquisition
  • Mass change Test results

"Integrative and logistical challenges as well as the illustration of business processes require us to constantly develop new and innovative solutions. Therefore, we are able to increase not only the efficiency and usability but also the user acceptance."

Klaus Tschirschke, lead architect

"The development and implementation of the SAP QEASY system within RHI Magnesita is a huge success story. Years of passionate cooperation has led to a high level of acceptance and performance. This ultimately led to another grandiose further development, the so-called individual item tracking, which can be used for every production area from raw material to the customer."

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Martin Pischler, Senior Vice President –  Global Quality Assurance, IMS , Environment & Energy, Sustainability


  • Quick introduction
  • High flexibility for processes
  • Complete QM/PP integration
  • High usability
  • Simple release changes possible, no modifications

Technical requirements

  • SAP ECC or S/4 HANA
  • SAP QM
  • SAP PP

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Kevin Tschirschke

Kevin Tschirschke

Product Manager QEASY

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