Is MES in Cloud also flexible: all about DMC Custom Extensions

16. September 2022

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud is a manufacturing shop floor solution that supports production supervisors and workers during their daily work right on the shop floor where the products get manufactured. It is tightly integrated with SAP S/4 HANA or SAP ERP, where the production orders are planned and where inventory is provisioned, and subsequent supply chain processes are triggered and processed.

Our experience gained from various customer and partner projects in the manufacturing space has made it clear that a successful Manufacturing Execution Solution (MES) needs to allow for a wide variety of custom-specific adaptions and extensions. Even if SAP DMC offers very wide standard functionalities, its excellent extension concept makes it possible to cover 100% of customer requirements in manufacturing.

With the latest releases of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, we have made a significant step forward, offering various options for extensibility.

concircle team has implemented the following specific extensions in SAP DMC in recent years:

  • conDNC: Integrated machine program and tool management module
  • conLABOR: Precise personnel and machine actual time collection module
  • BOMviewer: Flexible representation of complex parts list structures
  • WEBviewer: Flexible POD plug-in for displaying standard and custom data such as logged-in employees, long texts, CNC programs, workstation status, etc.)
  • Schichtleiter Dashboard: Flexible display of production data for team leaders and managers in production control
  • Operation of the user interface with voice control
  • Operation of the user interface with gestures control
  • BOM control in an assembly process with image recognition
  • Custom plug-in for video-based work instructions


  1. Presentation of Artificial Intelligence in SAP DMC
    1. image recognition
    2. voice recognition
  2. Video work instruction integration in SAP DMC
  3. Custom development and technical integration in SAP DMC

WHEN: 11.10.2022 at 9.00-10.00 am (CET)

WHERE: Online via Teams


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