Digital Factory Plug & Play for SMEs

Goals – Lean implementation of a digital factory

    1. An agile MES implementation that uses only relevant SAP DM standard functions.
    2. Rapid use of digitalisation effects to increase productivity in production.
    3. Look and feel effect and basis for the extensions and optimisations.
    4. Identification of process optimisation potential.
    5. Complete digitalisation of planning and execution processes with the strategic SAP product for manufacturing.
    6. Extension of the degree of utilisation through quarterly SAP releases.
    7. Lean implementation even for companies with limited IT resources through cloud benefits.

Service Content – Management Summary

  1. The offer for small and medium-sized companies in the process and discrete industries:
    1. Under 300 employees
    2. One production plant
  2. Project lead time: 6 months.
  3. Three user interfaces for production (PODs).
  4. Connection to SAP ERP/S4 Hana (on-premise or cloud).
  5. Detailed planning in the REO module.
  6. Staff scheduling in the REO module.
  7. Set up and activate five standard Insight KPIs (OEE, utilisation, etc.).
  8. Connection of a machine via OPC UA protocol.
  9. Training for further machine connections.
  10. Use of all SAP DM standard functions relevant to the respective use case.
  11. Two-person days of training.
  12. Five-person days of support for Go Live and Hyper care.
  13. Standard integration with SAP EWM.

Project workflow – Digital Factory Plug & Play


Farhang Akhavei

Farhang Akhavei

Team Lead Digital Manufacturing Consulting

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