Feasibility analysis (POC)


    1. Get to know SAP DM better and create a better basis for decision-making.
    2. To get a clear idea of the functions and their business value in their own production.
    3. Create a clear implementation concept with reliable time and budget planning.
    4. Identify process gaps and necessary preparations for a digitisation project.
    5. Identify the value proposition of SAP DM to create a plausible cost-benefit calculation.

Service Content – Management Summary

  1. Two days of on-site workshops to better understand the processes and requirements.
  2. Creation of a production scenario based on real customer data directly in SAP DM
    1. Detailed planning in SAP DMe REO
    2. Staff scheduling in SAP DMe REO
    3. Production execution in SAP DMe
    4. Presentation of the KPIs in SAP DMi
  3. 2 X 2 hours presentation of the setup production scenario.
  4. 3 X 3 hours training
    1. Business Benefits
    2. Customizing
    3. Enhancements
  5. Presentation of the possible implementation concept and budget plan.

Timeline – Feasibility analysis (POC)


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