SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC)

Feasibility analysis (POC)

  • Experience SAP DMC live with your own data
  • System deployment + 10 days consulting by concircle
  • Delivery in 1.5 months


Safe Passage Analysis

  • SAP DMC Readiness Check
  • Added value analysis in comparison to existing MES (SAP / non-SAP)
  • Conversion concept
  • Delivery in 1 month


Digital Factory Plug & Play for SMEs

  • SAP DMC implementation with relevant standard functions
  • For SMEs with up to 300 employees
  • For one plant
  • Delivery in 6 months

SAP DMC: Digital Manufacturing Cloud

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (SAP DMC) is a central, flexible and scalable standalone MES system in the cloud. SAP DMC is a standalone MES System and can be integrated directly with SAP S/4HANA as well as with the existing SAP ERP ECC.

SAP Cloud-based MES system is a “Software-as-a-Service” solution approach for Manufacturing and offers besides strong scalability numerous standard features that assure 100% transparency and traceability in manufacturing. The following are among the other benefits of SAP DMC:

  • Anwendung weiterer Cloud Services wie Realtime-Analytics und Machine Learning, um die Prozesse besser zu verstehen und optimieren
  • 100% End-to-End Transparenz aller Fertigungsprozesse über Standortgrenzen hinweg
  • Schnelle Anpassung an Anforderungen durch Skalierbarkeit der Cloud-basierten MES-Lösung
  • Keine Investition in Hardware sowie Infrastruktur und daher Auslagerung der wartungsintensiven dezentralen Serverinstallationen
  • Zusicherung der Daten und Systemverfügbarkeit durch professionelle Betreuung der zentralen Server
  • Echtzeit-Reports auf verschiedenen vertikalen Ebenen
  • Integrierte Planung, Ausführung und Reporting Funktionen
  • Orchestrierung von Produktionsprozessen in einheitlichen und hybriden Systemlandschaften

SAP DMC functions:

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (SAP DMC)

  • High-performance MES system in the cloud without the need for own hardware infrastructure
  • Suitable for discrete production and process industry
  • Modern User Interfaces
  • Production and detailed planning (REO)
  • KPI Monitoring and Insight System
Further functions
  • Traceability / Lot size 1 management​
  • Production order management with SAP PP integration​
  • Material Management with SAP MM Integration
  • Work instructions
  • QM characteristics recording incl. SAP QM integration
  • Tool management
  • User and qualification management
  • Warehouse Integration (EWM)


SAP DMCe Execution

  • Central production control system on the store floor
  • Planning and control of orders, resources, personnel, work steps and work equipment in production
  • Ergonomic, easy to understand and graphical user interfaces
  • Error prevention in production and assembly
  • Provides MES solutions for both discrete manufacturing and process industries

SAP DMCi Insights

  • Central and data-based performance management system
  • End-to-end transparency in production at various levels from the individual machine to the entire plant
  • Provides KPIs and visualizes the real-time information via a dashboard function
  • Can be connected in various hybrid architectures and also consolidate data from other systems such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP ME on-premise or non-SAP systems

SAP DMCn Manufacturing Network

  • Ensures a comprehensive flow of information and optimizes the orchestration of processes between the company and its customers, suppliers and service providers
  • By integrating with SAP S/4HANA, this module can enable integration not only at the production process level, but also at the procurement level to make integrative processes such as quality assurance much more efficient

Customer-specific enhancements in SAP DMC

Limited flexibility for custom extensions has been one of the main criticisms of cloud-based applications. With SAP DMC Cloud Architecture, this point of criticism is now invalidated, as the modern Java and Java Script extension modules allow custom extensions to be implemented directly in the cloud and made scalable. For example, the concircle team has implemented the following specific extensions in SAP DMC in recent years:

    1. conDNC: Integrated machine program and tool management module
    2. conLABOR: Precise personnel and machine time recording module
    3. BOMviewer: Flexible representation of complex parts list structures
    4. WEBviewer: Flexible POD plug in for displaying various standard and custom data such as logged in employees, long texts, CNC programs, workstation status, etc.)
    5. Shift Leader Dashboard: Flexible display of production data for team leaders and managers in production control
    6. Operation of the user interface with voice control
    7. Operation of the user interface with gesture control
    8. BOM control in an assembly process with image recognition
    9. Custom plug-in for video-based work instructions

A successful SAP DMC implementation requires an implementation partner who not only uses IT technologies innovatively but also fully understands the production processes. With years of experience and countless successful projects, concircle not only has industry and process-specific knowledge but is also able to map the customer’s needs and requirements to the appropriate SAP Cloud systems. Many years of cloud expertise in a public and private cloud, conception and implementation of hybrid approaches such as on-premise/cloud or SAP/Microsoft Azure architectures as well as many successful regional or global rollouts distinguish concircle as a competent partner that accompanies industrial companies on their way to the cloud.

Experience SAP DMC Live at the TU Vienna Pilot Factory for Industry 4.0

Through a full implementation of SAP DMC in the TU Vienna pilot factory for Industry 4.0, the concircle team was able to evaluate the DMC functionality in detail and directly compare the SAP SaaS solution DMC with the classic on-premise MES SAP ME. The close cooperation between concircle and the TU Vienna Pilot Factory for Industry 4.0 as well as the full integration of SAP DMC into the production system offers the unique opportunity to experience an integrated IT landscape based on SAP DMC and S4 HANA System live in one of the most modern Smart Factories in Austria. The demo presentations can be held both physically at the TU Vienna Pilot Factory for Industry 4.0 and online on request. Sounds interesting? Contact us for a demo!



What does SAP DMC stand for?

SAP DMC stands for SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud and is a product of SAP, a leading global provider of business process control software.

What is SAP DMC?

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud is a cloud-based manufacturing execution system (MES) and provides a flexible, scalable solution for both discrete and process industries.

What is SAP DMC used for?

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud supports production planning and control and, as a manufacturing execution system, represents a digital image of production.

What is the difference between SAP ME and SAP DMC?

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud offers comparable functions to SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) and SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (SAP MII), but can draw on more extensive analysis and reporting functions, as well as utilise the full potential and advantages of the cloud.

Why is SAP DMC important?

With the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model is being pursued and optimisation algorithms or “Artificial Intelligence” and Machine Learning (AI & ML) are increasingly being used, which is why SAP DMC represents an important step towards Industry 4.0.

What are the benefits of SAP DMC?

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud can score points above all with the advantages of the cloud, such as high availability of data and quickly scalable system resources, as well as a central instance for the orchestration of production processes.

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