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In a business world that is turning faster and faster, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the changes. The demands on business processes are increasing so that it is possible to react quickly to changing conditions. The high frequency of software updates, driven by cloud applications, leads to time and resource bottlenecks in IT and business departments. Under these conditions, it is no easy undertaking to guarantee the stability of the company’s processes and to keep the operational risk to a minimum.

What does Continuous Testing mean?


Continuous testing is the process of running automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to provide feedback as quickly as possible on the business risks associated with a software release candidate. Test automation is evolving and expanding to meet the increasing complexity and speed of modern application development and deployment.

The main objective of Continuous Testing is to assess the coverage of business risks. Test results provide immediate insights into whether a release candidate is ready for deployment and thus serve to assure the quality of software development in accelerated development processes. Therefore, it is necessary to embed testing seamlessly into the development processes and the software delivery pipeline and to provide a stable test environment with valid test data for each test run.

Continuous testing generates continuous feedback for all participants in the software delivery process. For this feedback to be used in a targeted way, it is necessary to run the right test at the right stage of the software development process. These tests need to be comprehensive enough to detect when an application change unintentionally breaks functionality, significantly disrupting the user experience. This continuous review and optimisation of the test suite eliminates redundancies and maximises business risk coverage.

Future software quality with Continuous Testing

  • Optimal risk coverage through risk-weighted testing
  • Change impact analyses help to identify relevant test processes
  • Higher coverage of test requirements than with manual testing
  • Increase test capacity through round-the-clock testing
  • Reuse of tests for other business cases
  • Quickly determine the stability of the sprint or release
  • The faster feedback cycle of the test result to the business departments
  • Departments can focus on test results instead of testing
  • Automated tests provide more functionality

The test errors are detected immediately and can be processed promptly. This minimises error costs in productive operations and avoids process failures. The ultimate goal is to spend less effort on repetitive tasks, reducing the total cost of ownership of your application and allowing your business users to focus on higher value-added tasks while achieving higher system quality. Our toolbox includes platforms such as SAP CBTA, SAP TTA, Tricentis Continuous Testing and Copado Robotic Testing.

“Partnering with Concircle in the field of test automation provides us with the possibility of creation and execution of CBTA processes. This helps us to achieve a higher degree of quality and more effective testing solutions. Furthermore, our cooperation allowed us to achieve successful transformation of CBTA Test-automation in S4H ready environment.”

Voestalpine AG

Continuous Testing Solutions

Tricentis Test Automation SAP TTA

With SAP TTA, all SAP platforms and interfaces can thus be tested automatically. SAP CBTA is of course still available.

Tricentis Enterprise Continuous Testing

Tricentis Enterprise Continuous Testing optimises and accelerates end-to-end testing across your entire digital landscape. Its codeless, AI-powered approach accelerates innovation in your business by eliminating testing bottlenecks and software release risks.


Test automation helps, especially in an agile project approach, to iteratively secure functions that have already been implemented in combination with new functions.  In addition to professional planning, execution, and documentation of the tests, the choice of tools plays a decisive role. Our toolbox includes platforms such as SAP CBTA (Component Based Test Automation), Selenium or Worksoft.

Copado Robotic Testing

With Copado Robotic Testing, you can utilize the full potential of automated software testing. Copado Robotic Testing is a highly scalable, easily maintainable and extremely productive solution for testing and developing software.

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Martin Stelbacky

Martin Stelbacky

Continuous Testing

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