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Successful business processes require strong solutions. With SAP as our IT solution partner, we are already able to implement efficient processes with SAP standard products. SAP is the world’s leading software provider for business customers and is constantly investing in its product portfolio.

In addition, driven by years of project experience, concircle has developed and distributes intelligent products and templates to its customers. As SAP add-ons, these solutions extend the standard processes, especially with regard to industry-specific requirements and increased efficiency through improved usability and automation.


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Baseline Protocol

conUBC ist eine SAP-zertifizierte "Out of the Box"-Lösung, um Ihren individuellen "Blockchain as a Service"-Prozess mit SAP-Systemen zu verbinden. Sie treibt und ermöglicht die Digitalisierung von Prozessen und gibt mobilen Zugriff auf kritische oder "schnelllebige" Prozesse.

bloXmove – Mobility

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conBDE is integrated as an add-on to SAP ERP via NetWeaver Gateway with SAP PP, PM, and QM modules. Based on SAP UI5 technology, conBDE runs on all HTML5-enabled devices, making it the perfect solution for capturing all relevant production data.


conDP is a flexible planning tool for supporting supply chain planning processes in SAP ERP. conDP consists of two components: An intuitive User Interface based on state-of-the-art web technologies and an interface to SAP standard processes.


conFIGURE is an add-on to the standard SAP variant configuration that implements rule maintenance as well as bill of material and routing determination using the SAP BRF+ Rules Engine.


Make a standard SAP workflow productive in one day instead of ten days: with conFLOW, complex workflows can be mapped without SAP workflow know-how using simple ABAP-based customizing. Any number of workflows can be defined.


conIO is a tool and framework for comprehensive interface monitoring from and into the SAP system. Several technologies such as REST, IDOC, RFC are combined here in the holistic cockpit. Entire interface chains can be configured logically in queues and thus a high degree of automation and stability can be achieved.


The conLABOR package is an SAP MII based add-on to complement and extend the store floor data collection concept of SAP ME and leaves nothing to be desired in the area of precise store floor data collection, time calculation, and ERP feedback. The add-on package can also be used independently for SAP MII based MES solutions.


conMES is an MES template based on SAP MII, especially for roll-based manufacturing (Pulp&Paper, Metal, Textile), which can be flexibly and quickly adapted to your individual requirements. conMES offers a complete MES light system with a standard interface to SAP ERP and thus represents a ready-to-use industry solution. Generic functions such as order confirmation can be used for various industries.


conMOBILE is a framework based on SAP ABAP that is used to handle workflows or simple SAP transactions with modern HTML5 technology. It can be used, for example, in HR management or warehouse management. For these two areas of application, ready-made templates are delivered, which are immediately available after import.


We take your interactive planning to a new level. We know the existing processes of interactive SAP production planning, such as the PPDS planning boards or the old ERP planning boards, inside out and also implement them on an ongoing basis. But our claim is more: With conOperationScheduling, an SAP add-on, we show the power of the latest SAP technologies.


conPIP handles the reception of the data, the desired data conversion, the forwarding to the partner, and the sender's feedback. All transmissions are logged, both in case of success and error. Data mapping can be configured, and standardized partner connections exist for common business cases.


conSHIFT is an SAP UI5 app for capacity maintenance of all workstations, which allows simultaneous mass maintenance of up to 50 capacities. Shift notes can be added to each individual day. conSHIFT is suitable for all SAP users who regularly want to conveniently maintain the available shifts for many capacities, regardless of the industry.

Copado Robotic Testing

With Copado Robotic Testing, you can utilize the full potential of automated software testing. Copado Robotic Testing is a highly scalable, easily maintainable and extremely productive solution for testing and developing software.


SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution (SAP DMCe) is a SaaS manufacturing cloud solution for realizing 100% digital manufacturing.


SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Insights (SAP DMCi) is a central platform for analyzing and consolidating large volumes of data from different systems and at different vertical levels.


QEASY expands its SAP system in the area of quality management. With our integrative solution, we reduce and simplify the effort from inspection planning over inspection lot creation to sample generation and its inspection results recording. The complete QM process flow is simplified.


QPPD is an add-on in SAP R/3 and S4/HANA and supports the administration and maintenance of regulations, standards and other master data in the SAP logistics modules - 100% individual and highly flexible. When used in manufacturing companies such as steel, aluminium or metal processing, QPPD offers the advantage of minimising characteristics in classification/VC.

S1Seven – Material Identity

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SAP Analytics

In recent years, concircle has increasingly focused on analytics solutions that help our clients to better understand their own processes. We support our customers in the selection of data, the definition of relevant key figures, and in the visualization and interpretation of the analysis results.


In the area of supply chain planning, the SAP solution portfolio is undergoing a period of change, where collaboration and coordination of the supply chain is playing an increasingly important role. We support existing SAP APO customers not only in the technical transition to new solutions, but also in the redesign of the necessary processes and organizational structures.

SAP Blockchain: Unified Blockchain Connector

conUBC is a certified "out of the box" SAP Blockchain solution to connect your individual "Blockchain as a Service" process with SAP systems. It drives and enables the digitalization of processes and gives mobile access to critical or "fast-moving" processes.


The SAP ECC or S/4 HANA standard tool BRF+ provides a platform for configuring sets of rules that are integrated into the running processes. These rules can be maintained and continuously adapted by the business department, supported by simulation options.


Test automation helps, especially in an agile project approach, to iteratively secure functions that have already been implemented in combination with new functions.  In addition to professional planning, execution, and documentation of the tests, the choice of tools plays a decisive role. Our toolbox includes platforms such as SAP CBTA (Component Based Test Automation), Selenium or Worksoft.

SAP Digital Manufacturing

concircle implements manufacturing solutions based on the current SAP product portfolio, both on-premise and in the private or public cloud. Based on these products, we are able to introduce modern, highly integrated digitalisation solutions with a fast ROI and high acceptance in production in all industries relevant to us.


With SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (SAP DMC) is a central, flexible and scalable MES system in cloud, which is a standalone MES system.


SAP EWM is the modern warehouse management solution for the efficient design of all warehouse logistics processes. Either embedded directly in your S/4 system or decentralized as your own S/4 system, you can use EWM to optimize your operational processes and increase transparency in your internal logistics.


In the area of supply chain planning, the SAP solution portfolio is undergoing a period of change, where collaboration and coordination of the supply chain are playing an increasingly important role. We support existing SAP APO customers not only in the technical transition to new solutions but also in the redesign of the necessary processes and organizational structures.


SAP S4/HANA MPS (also known as PP/DS) provides advanced tools for both rough and detailed planning.

SAP Production Planning: conOperationScheduling

SAP Production Planning: with conOperationScheduling (conOS for short), an SAP add-on, we demonstrate the power of the latest SAP technologies.


SAP S/4 HANA is the latest ERP generation from SAP. In our core processes, which we consult and implement, our consultants deal intensively with the innovations and what added value they bring to our customers with each new release. As a Special Expertise Partner, we are in ongoing contact with SAP regarding planned innovations and also test new features for SAP product development.

Tricentis Enterprise Continuous Testing

Tricentis Enterprise Continuous Testing optimises and accelerates end-to-end testing across your entire digital landscape. Its codeless, AI-powered approach accelerates innovation in your business by eliminating testing bottlenecks and software release risks.

Tricentis Test Automation SAP TTA

With SAP TTA, all SAP platforms and interfaces can thus be tested automatically. SAP CBTA is of course still available.