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2. August 2022

📌 Our mission: automating a full E2E process in SAP S/4 HANA 🎯 Goal: implement the automation as #independently as possible of the external provision of master and structural data 🔑 Key: parameters have to be derived dynamically from the process. E.g. vendor master data used in the E2E process are created a the beginning of the automation script ✅ Result: test plan that is as independent as possible of master data changes and can be reused in a stable manner over the long term

We realized this with the following steps ⬇️⬇️⬇️:

  • Analysis of the process to be tested
  • Define the input and output of each test step
  • Recognize the necessary error handling of each test step
  • Visualization of the test process in BPMN
  • Creation of an abstract test model
  • Definition of test variances for high test process coverage
  • Improve the test script and the process quality
  • Run the test again…and again…and again 😉

🤩 Business benefit: more frequent releases due to fully automated E2E scenarios using dynamic data, with zero human intervention and a more stable solution in production. Businesses can devote more time to activities with more added value, than manual testing.

concircle offers a wide portfolio of test automation platforms such as SAP CBTA, Tricentis Test Automation SAP TTA, Tricentis Enterprise Continuous Testing, and Copado Robotic Testing.

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Concept Evaluation

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